Sunday, August 2, 2015

"Space the Last Investment!"

 I just read another article about how we should abolish the Space program, and assorted science projects. This because they are of little value, and too expensive. "Been hearing this from the science illiterate, and assorted Luddites for years.

Look gang the world's various Space Programs are important. 

These are 'long term' projects lasting centuries if we last. The idea is to spread the demented lot of us around this Solar System. Set up thriving biospheres on the many moons some planets, and assorted likely asteroids. 

The Stars may be beyond us...but ya never know. This System first then we'll see.

However for the rest of this millennium we need to get ourselves into as many other baskets as possible.  I mean just from a self preservation point of view it makes sense.

 Also think of all the fun we'll have fighting interplanetary wars with each other. Heck it's worth it for that alone! So let's hear it for the Space Cadets, and scary Dark Projects!

(Sorry 'keep forgetting to put shit in larger fonts...sue me.)

Stay Tuned.

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