Tuesday, August 25, 2015

"Peace in Our Lifetime"

As I always said if we're going to have that Revolution we been dreaming of. Like that Free Tuition with a side of Free Lunch we been talking about. If this action is ever going down we have to change the format of the Peoples Struggle.

That business of fiery barricades crimson banners, and zillions of plutocrats chained together at the bottom of the Atlantic Trench,...which we all agreed would be a good start.

All that fun stuff needs to be shredded or at least sent back to committee.

See this time we'll scam them with blissful kindness forgiveness, and unconditional love. Okay okay I know. Yeah yeah,...we don't even do that for each other. 

'But hear me out comrades.

This goody goody "Kindness" crap might work. Hallmark is a trillion buck industry for a reason ya know. The stupid self-destructive proles, 'and' their owners are suckers for all that wet sweet stuff.

Money talks.

Like I sez the "Cute Market" is a winner every time because the rubes can't get enough of it. Now what I see is the Rebolushun finally getting smart, and beating the Capitalists at their own games like our comrades the Chinese did.

So when the beer drinking voting against their own interests dummies hear phrases like "Dialectical necessity" they'll get all soft squishy, and stumble into our tent. Hoards of them like six year old kids or 30 year old Queers going to a "Hello Kitty" convention.


Nice kitty,...that's the Spirit!

You can draw more stupid rubes with the promise of cotton candy than you can with coded appeals to their wish to attend late night lynchings. We'll start with "Heroes of the Revolution" plush toys.

An Emma Goldman doll that smiles, and when you hug it tells you who gave you Work Place Safety Laws, and 'who' took them away.  A Eugene V. Debs doll that reminds these morons where their Eight Hour Work Day and Paid Vacation that they 'no longer' have originally came from.

A sweet Eleanor Roosevelt plushie that reminds the NASCAR gun toting hillbillies where their Electricity, and Flush Toilets came from. Hint...it wasn't the Republicans.

Ya see where I'm going with this.

Of course mind control TV programs assorted stealth pop figures singing sweet'n cute coded songs about who's really fucking the economy over. Another hint...it ain't the Poor.

Well that's all for now.

More as the Peoples Cabal for the Free Lunch works a bit more on this plan for Peace, and Happiness in our Lifetime.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Well on the upside ya know capitalism is going to go down. It depends for its continuance on endless growth, and hence on infinite supplies of things like petroleum, copper, bauxite, phosphates & other materials you dig out of the ground, & whose supply is therefore inherently limited. It also depends on infinite population growth. Since none of these can last much longer, neither can capitalism, and so it won't.

    That's the good news: the days of rule by Wall Street are numbered. As for the rest - I think I prefer to gloss over the rough bits for now, and think about something more comforting & soothing. That's where the plushies come in.


  2. Exactly comrade. That's the scam. The old order can't last so we gotta set something up to take it's place. Well not so much take it's place as to set something up to ease us through the damned Dark Age capitalism's fall is gonna bring.

    One based on co-operation, and general niceness seems reasonable. As you pointed out comrade "Z" even Holy Mother Church sees the writing on the wall, and is siding with the deluded proles in the coming collapse.

    Some of the old school christian jazz of generosity, and mercy may be useful when the power shuts off, and the water tables go south. That dark Age need not be the horror show we fear if the masses understand they can rely on each other.

    Them plush toys will be seen by future historians as the beginning of the Age of Love,...as opposed to the summer of same we tried out near 50 years ago. A reasonably good trial run, but had no real traction since it wasn't really needed yet.

    I mean it wasn't yet a matter of life or death to be kind to each other.

    The Conspiracy of Life continues!