Friday, August 7, 2015

"Carrying them Abbs around must Hurt"

Right,...look here gang I've had enough of this whooie! I really rebel at this "Perfect Body Crap". All it does is make most folks miserable. Guys Queer or otherwise, and women likewise after age 20 do not have "perfect" bodies, and are 'never' going to have one 'ever' again...period. 

My near century on this awful mudball tell's me this.

So lets just get used to our naturally sloppy selves, and relax for craps sakes. Getting beef like the above takes constant maintenance. One false move, and you revert to your 'natural' self. Same goes for you gals out there. That Perfect feminine shape is a cruel lie as well. Love who you are!

This is why the health crap business is a "Billion+" Dollar" rip-off.

As for them that by chance of DNA do have that perfect meat...congrats, and fuck you. 

I got news for you characters. You're going to get old sloppy sick fucked up then die like the rest of us. So try to keep your "stuff in perspective." '...and the rest of you stop turning 'them' into gawds. It's beneath you. Learn to love yourselves for heaven's sakes!

Of course I mean all this in a nice way.

(The above a reply to a  FB message from a mainstream Gay pal from our Movement daze.) 

Btw yes of course I admire beauty. However I ain't going out'n getting surgery to look like "Charlie". Charles Guislain my fav former "French Fashion Boy" below there. 'Am I making the point?

Stay Tuned.


  1. Yes indeed, this is a tyranny from the 80's, when gym-toned bodies became all the rage. Those Calvin Klein ads and hairy-chested handlebar moustache types make me want to scream and throw things. The people who prefer this look seem to want to ensure that their esthetic is the only esthetic which is permitted to be admired or expressed.

    In the United States, it's sort of an unspoken rule that only good-looking people are allowed to date other good-looking people. When couples don't match, it is apt to be snidely commented upon. I do not know but I have heard that Europeans are more relaxed about this sort of thing.

    I have no problem with people exercising for their health & fitness in an unobtrusive non-narcissistic way - I've done it myself - but our culture has made an annoying exhibitionistic neurosis out of it: odd for a society that also wages a relentless war against beauty, while also forbidding kids to go outside and engage in what used to be regarded as normal play, so that they are likely to become prematurely portly pre-diabetic couch potatoes.


  2. The damned "Clones" I remember them with horror. It was about this time I resigned from anything "gay", and became a dangerous Queer instead. Some of us saw that the "Rebolushun" had gone nuts.

    A tide of anti-romanticism had swept us over. Random anonymous intimate "events" or to be blunt nameless butt fucking, and blow jobs were thought to be the whole point of things. With it came all the class race, and body type bigotries we thought we were trying to overcome.

    I just walked away, and spent the next 10/12 years helping to raise my nieces, and nephew. Having a Queer brother or cousin is a family's built in baby-sitter.

    However AIDS came in, and wiped out a whole generation of Gays...not a few Queers as well.

    Near all of the comrades I was young with are gone. I have 'one' count'em one pal from that time still in my life. You know of him...the Rt. Reverend Martin. Who btw got married to his dear gal pal Nurse Pickles. My two dearest friends in the multiverse...oh "Z" you're in there too.

    Also so many of my lesbian comrades are grandmothers now. the didn't adopt. The got on the other bus. Life is interesting ain't it.

    To sum up...Beauty is swell, but like spring blooms fleeting. Which is why it's loved so much. We need to finally understand that, and let it go when the time comes. No amount of beauty aids or going under the knife will bring it back which is the way it's supposed to be.

    ...get it?

  3. Anti-romanticism is exactly what afflicts us. And it's no coincidence, methinks, that it rolled over us like the algae-infested tide that sinks all boats just when the malefic reign of the sinister Gipper was revving up.

    BTW, I forgot to comment upon the vacuous expression of our Ken doll up there. He looks like a thoughtful sensitive person NOT. I just can't slam these people hard enough. Quite a contrast with Charlie.


  4. Charlie emotes thoughtful calm, and is blessed with transitory beauty as well. It is no accident that when his overt beauty began to fade he left the spotlight. His inner beauty now guiding his life as an artist.

    The model above is a friend of the old gay pal I mentioned. He tortured himself to look this way. His has my sympathy. He bought the lie, and suffers because of it. As I said, " false move, and he'll revert to his natural self."

    His "natural self" is no less loveable that the charade he bears now. Hopefully this will come to him, and all those swept up in this most 'cruel' of lies.

  5. Well maybe I was a bit too hard on him. A lot of those guys are insensitive jerks, so I might be projecting that on him when it's not necessarily warranted. I'd be surprised if you haven't encountered the types I'm talking about.