Monday, August 24, 2015


 WESTON-SUPER-MARE, England — Rain pelted down for much of Sunday afternoon on this drooping beachside resort town where “Dismaland,” the gloomy anti-Disneyland created by the artist Banksy, opened this weekend.

Shortly after the website for “Dismaland” went up on Thursday, the ticketing function abruptly crashed, prompting online speculation that the ticketing issues were part of Banksy’s doom-and-gloom concept.

The exhibition was out of the ordinary for Banksy, who is mostly known for graffiti works that pop up in unexpected urban locales.

The exhibition includes new and old artwork by Banksy, including a pool with mobile boats full of figurine immigrants in what apparently is the English Channel, and a mural-style work in the his signature silhouette style, which shows a fat cat in a suit gorging himself while a gaunt woman with children stands across from him. One installation on the site — billed as only for children — features a trampoline and a stand offering small loans with interest rates of several thousand percent. (NYT)


At last! An amusement park for the likes of me, and other realists or if you will chronic anxiety ridden depressives. A place to enjoy the world as it actually is rather than the horse bleep we usually get.

Traditional family amusement parks have nothing to do with the grimy rusted over priced broken crap of the real world.

When you come home from "Dismaland" you'll feel refreshed, and vindicated. As opposed to that let down grim feeling you get from all them false bright happy places with their sugar coated lies.

Comrades there should be a "Dismaland" in every city in this betrayed wretched busted Republic!


  1. Ya know, I never was a Banksy fan, but this raises my opinion of him considerably. I especially appreciate the genius of loan-sharking to kids. We've come a long way from prudently investing tuppence in the Mostly-Grubbs Fidelity Fiduciary Bank. That's progress for you - 21st century-style!


  2. Me I would have demanded an internal organ as collateral. You don't pay up someone in Shanghai gets a nice new kidney.