Wednesday, August 26, 2015

"It's a Bust!"

Statues of the whistle blowers Snowden, Manning, and Assange were erected in Berlin last Friday. The sculptor Davide Dormino said, "...they gave their freedom so we could know the truth."

The subjects stand on chairs. There is one empty for whoever of the public wishes take their place among the three, and testify to the truth. 

Last winter in a New York City park a bust of Edward Snowden was erected. However in just a few hours, once discovered, it was hauled down. The police apparently have arrested the statue since they have refused to return it to the artist.

You can't be too careful about unofficial art trespassing on government property.

This country is so totally, and completely fucked up, and getting worse. 

"Those that trade their freedom for security will get neither."

Benjamin Franklin.

He btw unlike his other founding fathers didn't own Slaves, and in fact was a member of the Boston Anti-Slavery Society. I say put that guy back on the half dollar coin...not that it's worth anything anymore, but it's the thought that counts.

Stay Tuned.


  1. I'm surprised they haven't arrested the artist and renditioned him to Gitmo or some other offshore site. Maybe later.

    Perhaps graffiti's the way to go, as with Banksy.


  2. I'm still pondering the idea of slapping up some of Ralph Chubb's loving pacifistic broadsides. I see my aged self with rolls of the scared material, and a bucket of paste after mid-night scampering about slapping these jewels up all over the place.

    I can see the News Shows now,..."Who is this Dangerous Man Ralph Chubb!"

    Heh heh heh....