Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Normal weather is now abnormal. After so many years of warm winters, and actually 'hot' springs to have normal temps is odd. This winter saw us going down to near zero, and the spring had frost.

Frost up to yesterday.

Mind you I'm fine with it It's just weird when things cycle as they should. I hope all this also means a reasonable as in undeadly summer, and a normal hurricane season. We couldn't take another Sandy. We're in some parts still wrecked from the last time. Thousands still don't have power , and there's wreckage all over the place.

Sort of like New Orleans.

Their infrastructure is still fucked up. Albeit along racial/political lines. Guess which neighborhoods got rebuilt first, and who's still living in ruins. That or expelled from the city. Actually that had unforeseen positive results.

All the poor folks black working class, and such that were kicked out of New Orleans. All the populations whose areas were 'deliberately' not rebuilt have moved to Texas, and other Red States, and are turning them Blue!

Houston went for Obama, Austin, Flagstaff,..etc.

Between the Mexican immigration legal or otherwise, and all the folks kicked out of New Orleans the whole Southwest will be Blue in just a few more cycles. 

I think the Good 'ol Boys just when'n shot themselves in the foot!

Heh heh heh...yuk yuk.

Take that you Nazi tea-party Republican knuckle heads! 

Stay tuned.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

"Night, & Dawn over Manhattan"

"Our old Studio "A" at 3:00am"

"2001 Digital Remix"

"That Sea of Flames Thing"

Say wasn't Washington, and the rest of the country supposed to be destroyed in a "Sea of Flames" a few weeks ago. Funny how the scariest crap can get lost in the news cycles.

I mean we had the republicans tell 90% of the electorate to go bleeping bleep themselves behind that gun control measure. There was that two headed cat born in Belize, and them girls kidnapped sex torture ten years in captivity thing.

Oh yeah then that air force officer guy in charge of stopping sex assaults that was busted for sex assaults,..creepy mug shot too. Okay it was a weird  bunch of news cycles, and the end of the world got crowded out.

Still I got curious. Was that North Korean nutter still at it?

Well not only still at it, but upped the anti all over the place. Working hard to set off nukes, launching IRBM' for those that came up after the cold war that means intermediate range ballistic missiles. Mobilizing a million armed to the spiked teeth zombies to invade the South.  

Meanwhile we just going about our business.

Ya know what's gonna happen we're gonna be just be sit'n around drinking  orange Slurpee's when some chuckle head comes on the screen all sweaty eyes bulging sputtering at us...

"...That Crazy bastard went, and did it!"

"Seoul is a radioactive crater a zillion deranged North Korean maniacs have crossed the border, and are devouring everything in sight cats dogs everybody...more after this word from Bechtel."   

Me I'll just put on headphones, and listen to the Doors.

Stay tuned.

Friday, May 10, 2013


"You Can't get there from Here"

Well we're on the verge of missing two payrolls here at the radio ranch. Management is hiding from the staff, they haven't said anything to us since that email on the 30th of last month. That,and the National office seems to be chasing it's tail. Btw I tried for two days..well three if you count my trying to call the boss direct. Anyway I tried to contact our financial office downtown. 

They don't answer the phone.

All the workers have are assorted rumors.  No way to run a business. Anyway our dear union Aftra-Sag. That's the Radio/TV workers, and the Screen Actors Guild are about to  jump in with both feet on our behalf.

Our rep tells us that  name union members are outraged at what going on here, and are willing to lend their names, and prestige to help us. Tom Hanks director Ron Howard are I'm told among the union members concerned.

Good grief I had no idea we had these sort of friends. Cool with me bring on the big guns. Btw there's indirect information,..not from local management , but from National that we'll be paid in full before the end of the month,..maybe.

 It turns out it's not the whole network that's being screwed just us at This among other awful stuff is what's making the union, and it's "name" members so steamed. I'm a tad hot under the collar myself behind this noise.

Anyway the staff is pulling together helping each other out through this disaster. Yeah some are oblivious assholes, but most are on board for each other. I'm proud of how we're acting under all this. Aw gee if only Obama had been elected back in '08.

More later.

"They're Here have been for Years!"

"I KNEW IT!!!"

Aha! Just as I suspected! It was a government plot all along. The whole UFO deal that Majestic-12, and up stuff. It was the Military Industrial Infotainment Fun House behind it from  day one.

Thing is are the government zombies in cahoot with the Greys or are they independent players in a multi-planetary cold war? Also how does this jibe with the Reptilians plans to get us all to switch to Blue Ray (tm)? Thereby furthering their plans of mass mind control over the hapless consumers.

Comrades beware the trap of Blue Ray!

I myself though tempted have forswore that evil technology. I will 'not' be a mindless drone in thrall the Reptilian Pixar empire.  I'll go back to listening to vintage Mambo records on my Marconi crystal set before submitting to the chains of those cold blooded fiends!

Monday, May 6, 2013

"What a Doll!"

"Dark Knight"

Okay if anybody is thinking about getting me a swell birthday present this is what I wants. Alot! My very own 1/16th scale Obama action figure. No middle aged colored guy should be without one. My bleeping hero, a way.

Yeah we thought he was going to be the "Dark Knight", but he turned out be be our Algebra teacher instead. Your uncle that makes you eat ya greens, and clean the yard. Swell but still we can dream.

I want to make little videos of our Heroic Prez defeating evil where ever it rises, and  bleep like that. I have visions of the Obama action figure, (tm), beating the living crap out of that Putin doll yeah! 


Sorry I get over excited at possibilities. He apparently comes with different heads just like a real President. He also comes with a Samurai sword so he can stab guys in the back or front depending on current policy. Yep a toy for today!

Stay tuned.

"Staff Meeting"

"My Dearerst Pals!"

My two favorite pals in the mulitverse. R.Paul Martin, and Nurse Pickles. They saved my life,..a couple of times. I mean for real. We've been pals for a few hundred years now there ain't much we ain't seen or done together. 

I loves'em

We're radio neighbors too.  Go to our archives at, and tune in for their program "Back of the Book" on Saturdays at 5am. It alternates with mine.

"Wadda Guy"

Above is the Honorable Professor Simon Loekle my pal on the radio of decades, and all around smart guy. Founder of the Shakespeare Liberation front, and noted Though Criminal. A snappy dresser too.

Go to, and check out his show. Click on the achieves, and to to Saturday morning at 7am for his program  "As I Please".

"Me when the Meds Work"

"Former swell Logo!"

"Our current corporate logo,...yuck"

"Ink War"

I did the logo for this joint. That's it up there on our little sweetheart. Anyway they decided it was too "hippy dippy", and went corporate for the new one. Real nice swell. 

The staff hates it so do the listeners. The t-shirts are glued to the shelves. They ain't move'n.

Ahem, I did warn them. 

On a more gleeful note below are WBAI long time hosts Uncle Max Kathy, and Fran wearing the rare, and much coveted 'Bai "Gay Porn" sweatshirt. I mean to print up more. Perhaps with another Angel on the back.

If they every pay me again maybe I really will.

"WBAI's Pickles, Rat Girl, and Uncle Max"

"...Uncle Sleeps"

"One of these is Me"

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Back in the day We planned a big boffo gang bang celebration for the 50th Anniversary of "HOWL". We asked the bleeping FFC for special permission to broadcast it. I mean since it's like a heavy hitting American Poetic Event'n all.

Well they didn't say no, and they didn't say yes.

They told us they would decide after we'd done it if  was a violation or not. So we'd be fine $200k if the FCC chairman had a bad morning. If he got a blow job or something the night before we'd be okay.

Bleep'em we did it anyway.


My "Tink" figurine. I loves it, and all my other junk that I've managed to get hold of. After my adventure in the realms of the Houseless that is losing 90% of my stuff. I've in the gleeful years since filled my digs up with new crap.

This is starting to worry me. If I get houseless again what the bleep will I do with this stuff? Also if things stay cool what the bleep am I going to do with this stuff! 

So far it's manageable. My floors are still clear. The "stuff" is in boxes, and closets so my digs still look mostly the same as when I got there. Ya know I like an empty space. It's all that Zen noise I guess. However things are at a tipping point.

I get anymore junk, and I'm on my way to what them folks on that TV show are like. Ya know that one where they can't stop filling their place with trash. 5000 rolls of toilet paper every N.Y.Times ever printed, and 100,000 cans of dog food...opened.

Yeah I get sweaty thinking that over.

So maybe it's time for a purge. Go through them boxes, and dump or give away that last four years of stuff. Heck I don't even know what's in some of them things.

More as this mayhem develops.

...Bleep it I'm keeping Tink!


"No I wasn't There"

Several of my 12 listeners my have noticed I wasn't on Saturday morning. When I woke up that afternoon I even noticed this myself. I checked the archive they played some beatnik stuff from the old days. Cool.

Thing is I was a somewhat..bleep it I was violently sick..again.

Yeah a strong steady stream from both ends. Always good for a laff that. Anyway I still feel like fried shit, but have dried out for now. I just crawled out of my comfy chair to say hi, and that so far I'm still not dead. Still not paid, but mostly not dead.

Be sure to give them lying two faced scumbags aka WBAI all your money when the eternal fund raiser starts up again in a day or so.

 Think of it this way. You may hate the programs, but your money will buy 'me' curry, and meds. It'll pay my gigantic rent too. Your dough will pay the bills of all your favorite radio stars so you can grow old together with them.

Btw call the manager, and tell that guy how much you love me, and how much I deserve a Hugh fucking raise, and a cat. A better time slot would be nice too. Preferably one where people are awake.

Stay tuned. 

"Bob Fass" 1970?

"Swell Thought Criminal"

Above there is Bob Fass,..Google him. He's from the founding generation of WBAI radio, He invented free form radio. WFMU could not exist without him nor NPR for that matter.

'Matter of fact when NPR started it was peopled by zillions of Pacifica heads not a few from 'BAI. Including me, and my pals. We all made extra dough doing features for the early NPR. However now they've gone seriously upscale so I doubt I could get past their armed guards.

Anyway WBAI has been annoying the hell out of folks for 53 years more or less. That, and I hope we live to piss people off for another 50 years or so.

Anyway happy 500th anniversary on the air Bob!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

"It's the Law Buster"

In further developments in the confused world of my employers. We apparently just put a down payment on our new digs. Ya know that industrial building near the Brooklyn Academy of Music. This seems to be when the dough for our paychecks went.

AFTRA, the radio, and TV union, is a tad unhappy with our bosses. 

Sure I'm glad we got one foot on the door over there however why they used payroll dough to do it is a mystery, and a violation of our contract as well as New York State Labor Law. California Labor Law as well. We're incorporated on the coast ya know. 

So apparently we're getting paid soon. When I don't know we'll see. This is good news for my landlord, and my refrigerator is real happy to hear this too. I'm wondering what the qualifications are for management these days. I mean besides freaking us out breaking the law, and generally pissing everybody off.

Stay tuned.