Tuesday, February 28, 2017

"My Penn Station"

I was little, but I was there. It was like the grand palaces in the story books I was reading. Vast. It was vast. Went on forever. Corinthian columns that soared to the clouds. A sky of glass overhead, and so many people.

All kinds of people.

A sea of them quickly going this way, and that. Voices that thundered overhead announcing trains. Uniformed porters newspaper stands full of comic books. Rich ladies with small dogs...as in a New Yorker cartoon.

All this, and sound of trains bellow. The rumble beneath my feet my mother tugging me along. That was my Penn Station.

Stay Tuned.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Defend your Rights, and the Freedom, and Safty of your Neigbors!

"I LOVE IT!!!"

I'm woken up by the sound of a hard rain banging on my semi-open windows. Open because it's an insanely warm winter...yeah it's the continuing End of the World, so what.

What I love is what also woke me the hell up even though I was wearing ear plugs.

Was the gleeful sound of the insanely diverse gleeful 'Hood I survive in. It's Shabbos so deranged happy Hassidic Jews folks is walking down the street singing praises to the almost about any time now coming Messiah.

(...btw as a lad in this same 'hood I was a Shabbos Goy in good standing...never took the quarters they offered I was a nice sweet kid.)

Anyway this happy noise mixed with my pals the Haitians singing gawd know what for who knows what plus a bunch of Mexicans, and Dominicans yelling at each other on the corner...it's Friday night this is a tradition. 

Also as I looked out to watch.  There's parades some new comers. Young white families kicked out'a  Manhattan by the high rents on their way to "BAM"...Brooklyn Academy of Music. This for some typical stuck up hip crap they loves so much. Did I mention the Chinese Laotian Romanian Poles Sudanese Russians left over Puerto Ricans...most have since moved on to 'Jersey I think.

Did I mention our growing Lesbian, and Queer guy colony? A bunch in my building now. Ya know I knew shit was changing around here when them Rainbow flags started showing up in windows a few years ago. Tho' I think my "Rainbow" was the first. These joining the Israeli Jamaican Mexican Romanian my Star Trek banner, and all the cute others.  

There's all that, and folks like me. Old time Negro Yanks from the 1920's historic migration from the swell, and deadly South...which seems to be on some sort of insane, and lately violent come back.

Did I mention it's bleeping raining cows, and 1958 Fords on all this happy noise. Hey is the Emerald City cool or what?!
Damn I loves it here!

It's a frigging Trump voter's Nightmare!!!

Yeah them Nazi fucks is seeing the future of the glorious bleeping U.S. of A.!!! Your boy Trump, and his evil Minions can do all the temporary vile shit they want...history insists on moving on.

In 2010 more Technicolor babies were born than Pink ones. These little sweeties have been popping out ever since by the blessed metric ton!
Btw in about ten years or so these folks will be voting.


There ain't shit you can do about it. However don't worry. We ain't you. We're going to be far kinder patient loving, and generous more or less. Than you souls ever were to us.

So shut up, and have a Burrito.


Wow now there a giant wind happening! ...them folks is still out there singing too!  I tell ya is this a Great Country or what?!!

Stay tuned.

"Ça me rend fou"

Well for months now my French friends have been coming to this page. Welcome. However it is a mystery. For example this week almost 7000 page views from France.


I can't be 'that' interesting. Yes some views from the rest of the world. Time was that Russians came here in those numbers then the Ukrainians. You French were always there, but just a few page views at any given time.

Now there as twice as many French here than Americans. however none of you French have ever posted a comment.

Never. Not one.

So will some even one of you please say something. I'd love to know what you find interesting here. I'm curious.

Stay Tuned.

Friday, February 24, 2017

"Now What?!"

Well look someone go out there, and see what they want,...this time. Whenever I deal with them they try to make me buy their cookies. That or subscribe to some weird outer space religious channel.

Then there's them physicals. Forget it.

Oh the other hand there's all that China White heroin they always hand out. The ATM cards that gives ya all the dough ya wants, and they fixed it so I can get free cable.

Heck almost worth having a three foot long radio active green glowing sentient rod shoved up my ass,...again.

Stay tuned.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

"I'm All Packed, and Waiting!",...Love Sidney

It is my most sincere Hope that Peter Pan will get this message via sub-space in 1959. That he'll get to my prison...aka "Home" in that time period, and rescue me from the next near 60 years of hell, and assorted annoying bullshit called "Life". (There's 1959 me below.)

"Yes I know all about the World of Men with their Greed Wars Cruelty, and Madness. You exterminate whole peoples you murder babies children you poison the land the seas the skies. Yes I know your world well. Which is why I rescue as many of your little ones as I can"

Stay Tuned.

"Something is Coming"

I'm having more strange surreal dreams. This batch actually beyond description. Something is coming. Something is in the collective unconscious mind out there.

No I don't know what, but it's there.

( Posted this last May. Seems I saw Trump coming.)

Stay Tuned.

"Sino File"


Thinking shit over I mean the race war we're having, and all...


"Oh the Mysteries"

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

"Aw Fuck This Shit"

"And now this from the End of American Democracy which is already in progress. Thank you, and remember it's all for your own good."


I was earlier reading a notebook from my "Houseless Daze" of near a decade ago. This I thought was one of the more telling entries.

"My former life is becoming an echo of an echo. Everyday it vanishes a bit more, and is replaced with the present. An eternal present."

"I'm changing."

"Time, and place are not what they were. This is a new world."
"I have just been born."



"On Earth as it is in Heaven"

"The End of Our Story"

The End of all Things. The end of our things anyway. God made all things, and She can burn them away as She pleases. I think She's pleased to use us Her unwanted step-children to burn to this world away.

Then forget all about us. 

"The Lady of Shallot"

"The Final Night of Earth"

"The First Sign"

"Judgement is Rendered"

"Mercy is Begged",...and denied

"Banishment of Saints"

"Death of the Garden"