Wednesday, February 8, 2017

"...never reads"

( Some of my posts from my FB page.)

Well he can barely read. Certainly never reads books. We now know he doesn't or can't read or concentrate on documents vital to running our government. He gets all his information from Fox or SNL.

He's vicious small bigoted no real vision other than his pride, and making a buck. Um,...well he's exactly what this country deserves right now. If we survive him,...and Bannon we will finally know what never to do.

We always knew of course, but I think we needed the shock therapy of an actual uniformed delusional man-baby authoritarian President. Eh, the big thing is here to survive him. That's I'm afraid uncertain.

We seem to have the numbers, but no focus. Big demos don't really work.

We feel better, but these only entrench the administration, and it's supporters even deeper into their delusions. For example 64% of his voters really believe that 3 million people voted illegally for Hillary.

That, and as Trump sez they also believe that the 3million that demonstrated against the Travel Ban were paid to do it. That's the party line at Fox, and Trump backs them up.

How do you reach out to what amounts to a Cult.

Whatever we do we better do it soon. The Mid-terms are coming, and we usually sit those out. If we're serious all of our work should be in over turning the Republican majorities thereby stopping anymore madness from the White House. Given American laziness, and general stupidity I'm not remotely optimistic.

He's not stupid.

The "Resident Elect" ain't a dummy,...just profoundly uniformed. Very intelligent people do profoundly stupid things...the more intelligent the worse. Our President is mentally disturbed, and dangerous. I fear where this will lead since his whole administration including most of the republican party is either looking the other way or aiding, and abetting his madness for their own gain. We are making history here.

Tragic history.

(I'm wishing to be abducted as I think I was when I was 11,...but that's a whole other story.)

Stay Tuned.

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