Wednesday, February 22, 2017

"End Times,...Again"

"Yes it is in fact the End of the World"
(...for us anyway.)

Well here we are again. February 22nd, and near 70f. Been like this or near to it since January around here. Yes other parts of the country got snow blasted, but most didn't
This is supposed to be the dead of winter. I fear that particular season as we knew it is now gone. Yes there will be cold winters with snow again just not so often anymore. There's weather which we notice then theres climate which takes a longer view. This has been going on long enough now for us to see the Climate.

That is the change in patterns.

Mind you the Earth is fine. I mean in it's history it's been tropical from pole to pole, and also capped in snow, and ice almost totally as well. It's just that naturally these changes take many millions of years.

I've read that the heating we've inflicted on the world if naturally done would have taken 2.5 millions of  years. We did it in about 4 to 500 years.

In a way it speaks well to our engineering abilities...we actually changed the planet. No beings have done that since those weird ancient plants exceeded oxygen into the atmosphere, and changed the whole ball game. They gave this place an entirely new biosphere. Seems we're up there with them plants,...not bad for bald monkey folks.

Btw no this is not "nice" weather as the TV weather geeks are saying. As always with the exception of the 'Weather Channel' the local grinning jack asses are over joyed with the warmth. At least that's what their producers tell them to say.

It's just an outward sign that our early self induced extinction is really happening. No one is sure of the time table for human termination. Could be a few centuries or maybe a millennia or two.
However the collapse of our interconnected industrial civilization is clearly happening. Cracks are opening up everywhere. You see them so do I. Personally I give that grinding machine we live in a century. After that a slow grim slide to a scary barbarous end.

Eh,...I'm not bring you down am I?

Stay Tuned.

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  1. Thank you Sidney. This warm weather is not a nice thing. It is a sign of times to come...