Thursday, January 31, 2013

"Post Sandy"

"Robbie's Day Job"

"Our New Home"

"Orphans of the Storms"

For those interested that radio station that insists on not laying me off...yet.. is moving. Hurricane Sandy has finally pushed us out of our digs at the base of Wall Street. A mere half block from the East River.

As you know our neck of the 'hood took 21 feet of flooding. This wrecked many of the iconic skyscrapers on lower Manhattan. We were flooded to the second floor, and of course all of the inner workings of many of the buildings down here are totally wrecked.  

Did I mention the mildew, and spore that's stinking up the place, and making everyone sick. Anyway this, and newly prohibitive rents have forced WBAI, to flee! In fact many outfits from down here have fled to mid-town or the outer boroughs.

In our case we're going to the Yukon of the City.

We've got temporary studios on the campus of the City University of New York,...they'll regret this.  Them CUNY folks invited us up to their swell campus at the northern tip of the island. This after we resided 18 years at the other tip. Anyway they're nice digs, and will suit us while we look for a bigger property. That's a picture of one of the CUNY buildings at top there. Classy huh?

I'll post snaps of our layout after we're settled.

"...four more years"

"Still Breathing"

Yes I'm still alive. It's been a rough season so I'm been both busy, and withdrawn. Hard to do at the same time, but I'm like that.

Merry Christmas Happy New Year Congrats Mr. President, and Happy Valentines Day! 

Yeah that should cover the last few months.