Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"Fun in da Sun!"


Sorry haven't been around. 'Been nuts lately. Went to the Mermaids Parade it was swell for a while then the cops starting fucking people up. Including some friends, and later me. I guess they don't get over time for this stuff anymore.

That static put the kibosh on the fun angle of the day so I went home.

Went home, and freaked out, and generally went nutz. Look I know being a cop in this kinda town sucks, but for fucks sake they could try being human a few times year. They do this sort of thing, rough people up, at all the City's festivals at the Black ones they shoot folks some times. This one being mostly white'n middle class I thought things might be safe, well welcome to Hell.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

"Wadda Town"

All things considered if ya has to be 'somewhere' you might as well be here. The place does help pass the time. Which is why I like to take long walks around town. Not always because it either too damned hot or cold. However 10 times a year it's just right. It was today,...thank da G-ddess!.

"Mall of Death!"

Um, maybe I don't need to shop today after all. Speaking of adventure, and probable death. I feel like doing what that kid did a few years ago. He stole a small  aircraft, and had a ball. He landed only to steal food, and socks then took off again. Okay I'd pay for the stuff, but ya gets the point.

I'm restless, and nuts. Odd for a bloke my age, but there it is. Maybe I should up my meds or just go to the movies. Speaking of my age. One of the things about being still around is that you see how pointless, and too expensive everything is. So yeah bleep it ya think, and go to some small airport get in a plane, and off ya go.

Least till they shoot you down as a crazed terrorist. Whereas you're just another law abiding prole that saw the real deal, and acted accordingly. What a shrinking, murderous, and lonely century this is.

"Money Talks"

That Wisconsin re-call election that tried to oust the far right anti-Union administration went down alot like this. Hey like they say "Money Talks", and corporate dough bought the election,...surprise.  Interesting times.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

"Blue Monks"

I had a very vivid dream long ago about a monastery, and monks with sky blue robes. There were newly built pagodas sitting in pastel green fields. I could smell the fresh cut wood they were built of. In this dream I was a young novitiate running up the stairs with the other boys. 

We were monastery lads decked in simple robes the color of the summer sky.

I remember crystal gardens, and rose mountains in the distance. There was music too. A kind I'd never heard before. Though it hummed, and danced within my heart, and soul.

I always felt that someday I would find this place. Either in another dream or another life. To this day I feel that this was where I was supposed to be, and this dream was calling me home.

Stay Tuned.

"2012 Mermaid's Parade"

"30th Mermaids Parade"

It's the 30th annual Coney Island Mermaids Parade next weekend, and I'm gonna be there dammit! Last year I was busy dying of an intestinal infection so had a good excuse not coming. Well okay a lame cop-out, but I couldn't walk was full of tubes stuck all over me, and then there was that bed pan business.

This year all I have is a vague itchiness, headache, and a bad attitude so I'm going! If ya has any sense you'll be there too. Nurse Pickles tells me that there's been loads of renovations to the park, and Boardwalk. Not only that, but Nathans is Bigger! 

Well 'that's' enuff for me!!

Stay Tuned Comrades 

(...Mermaids from yesteryear below.)


"Draco, that you?"

"Barbie beside herself"

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"Queen Marilyn"

I had this strange, but beautiful dream that Marilyn Monroe was the Queen of America. Our capital seemed to be Miami. At least that's what it looked like. A Miami with a Chrysler Building.

Queen Marilyn arrived in a giant seaplane. One of those beautiful "China Clipper's" from the late 1930's. There was a Royal Procession of knights in gold armor bearing Her to the palace. In the tropical dream sun the knights looked like a river of molten gold streaming down the wide avenue!

I was in a crowd of Her subjects who btw looked like extra's from a Carmen Miranda movie. I was in the adoring mass of Queen Marilyn's good, and loyal subjects. It was like a Mardi Gras. A happy dream. I woke up with a smile.

*Also from the "Royal Republic", see below. Maybe I should collect all the crap I've posted over the last century, and put it into a book or maybe write it in chalk on the sidewalk when it's raining. Either way all my fans could see it. Lets see are we up to 4 or five yet?

Stay Tuned.



Enough despair, enough war, and stupidity, and grief. How to break through to the majik. The bright wonderful strange worlds that exist side by side with ours. The visions we have of the "other side" are all confused, and jazzed up with with religion, booze, dope, lust, boredom, and rage. It's there though. Sometimes the visions, the dreams are crystal clear. There are these moments we see, and there is no doubt, no bullshit, the cool stuff is real Real!

 Everyday can be beautiful, everyday is a trip to Coney Island, the nicer parts of Paris, Grandma's house, your girlhood/boyhood dream of your best friend's bed when the parents are away, puppies, kittens, bunny rabbits, fields of flowers, free cable, free tuition, getting your book published, and no tax's for life!

Not only Freedom, but Happiness is Possible!

*The above I wrote for my long departed blog, 2006 CE, "Royal Republic of Sydneyland". Remember that one? It was fun. I started a Republic on the 'net, and had loyal subjects all over the world. I handed out titles to various of the comrades. We had a ball.

It got deleted for no reason. Blogger does that.

Anyway this I hope balances the post below with a tad of "Sweetness, and Light".

Stay Tuned. 

"Complaints Dept."

It's too hot, and it won't stop raining other than that I'm okay. Well I am freaked out by the on going mass murders, and assorted genocides going on around the world. That, and the unofficial news that the U.S. dollar is in fact worth three cents. When the dollar goes south soon, and we all run to the bank to get our dough. We'll get three cents on the dollar. 

Eh this, and the piles of shot up babies, and children that pouring out'a my computer screen has somewhat troubled my sleep which is to say I ain't had any,..and it's still too hot.

Sorry for the reality jolt.

I'll try to post something nice a little later, I'm at work now, and a bit busy.

Monday, June 11, 2012

"Be back in a few daze"


"Oh you Kid"

No these are not my dolls. I found these images on the web. There's apparently loads of nice people,..mostly Queers like me taking glamor shots of their doll collections. 

I haven't done any work in a long time. Ya know health, and been nuts for months, However lately I'd like to set up a doll photo studio-thing like I had before my terrifying adventures.

 I was house-less for a bit there. 

Don't worry I'm fine now. Have a real cute home now, and everything I just haven't got back to any creative stuff yet. This seems a good time. I really want to get back into doing glam-shots of my little pals again. I'll post some when I do.

Stay tuned.

"Only in Brooklyn"

This is my fav action figure. 'Took this pix on a demolition site. Big work'n guy came over, "..What da fuck you do'n?!" I said I was taking pixs of Batwoman. He said  "Oh",  and walked on.


Pussifica our dear cat back in the 80's. She was the only cat ever to receive an FFC license as opposed to a cat license.

" rearview mirror"

"Me at Work"

"Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z"

"WBAI at Caribbean Fest"


Btw, note the 60's male leering here. Only the gals is Nekked. Comes da Rebulushun everybody gets Nekked!

"I Forgot"

Well I didn't forget exactly. I thought I was pre-empted again is all,...sorry. I didn't show up for my radio program over at WBAI, last Saturday morning. My 8 listeners were pissed, sorry. Hey the bastards have kicked me off the air for their lying two faced snake oil fund raising since April so I assumed I was still shit canned.

Hell you wouldn't believe the crap we were palming off on the rubes. The worst was some magic water concoction that was supposed to make you live 1000 years, and have ten day long orgasms. Yeah we're into new age cures lately.

On the up side the program director that brought these law suit magnets into our mix, and screwed so many of us over is going back to the coast. We got a new one this time from Australia.   He knows the business, and seems cool. Well see.

Anyway due to yet more pre-emptions, the last they tell me, I won't be back on till Bastille Day. That's July 14th for those that didn't take world history in class. On the first new show me, and some guests will do dangerous drugs, and sing Gilbert, and Sullivan tunes through the night.

The photo above is likely from the mid-late 1960's at our old studios on the Eastside. We've done alot of firsts, and I think this is from the "First Naked Radio Program" in history,...that we know of.

From personal experience I can most certainly say that naked folks in broadcast stations is nothing new or unusual. It's just that this one was "Official" so goes in the books as such.

Stay tuned.

Friday, June 8, 2012

"Go for the Gold"

"New Flavors"

Strawberry/Vanilla Blog. Yummy. I already got tired of the template so decided on an ice cream motif. I'll probably do this alot on new website. Yeah it's on the way cut me some slack. The only thing in it's way now is me,...which can be alot. 

Don't worry though I won't stiff you again.

Btw I hear Uncle Mitt or almost President Mittens wants to reverse the Queer Marriage thing that Obama finally, and reluctantly signed or whatever. Wants to abolish food stamps, and go ahead with the Bush thing about privatizing Social Security.

My ain't things peachy.

On the up side, Well okay there ain't an up side. I guess I should buy all the mac'n cheese beans, and shot gun shells my limited means can get. Ya know I actually 'like' mac'n cheese now. Bad sign that. I'm getting used to being a prole. Not even an Outer Party member anymore, but down there with the Soylent Green fodder.

Them Occupy kids should do it right. Forget all the nice, nice. Boring meetings, and assorted childish Marxist crap. Go for the Gold. Literally. We should all of the working proles of the Emerald City mach on the bleeping Fed, and take the gold. There's piles of it there.

I can see it now, that is after they shoot about 500 of us. Regular folks storming into the vaults, and grabbing all that soft mostly useless metal, and toss the lot into the East River! This as the first step in abolishing money, and adopting a rationalized economy.

Um hint stay towards the back of the crowd. Them Fed guards pack heavy shit.  Other than that bring on the Rebalushon!

( ...the above is satire so please don't kick my door down, and disappear me to Gitmo. Thank you.)

"Altered State"

One of the swell things about being an old guy is that your sleep patterns are shot to hell. Well okay it's not always that good, but your Dreams are seriously bizzaro! I logged off around dawn, and at once got tossed into delirious Dreamland.

I should hack out a screen play of some of this weird noise, and palm it off to the wonks at some of the so-called cable nets. I mean just an hour or so ago I was on Mars, a dream. Where these deranged lady space folks was killing off all the male astronauts. They grew multiple heads while they ate us. 

Think that gal from "Alien" with serious attitude a big appetite, and a couple of Egyptian gawd Horus heads growing out of her neck,..while she ate you.

...and that's just the dream I can clearly remember.

There were others. One where I was at some posh boarding school.  The kids went nuts, and burned the damned place down,..shades of "If". You younger folks might want to Google that flick. Might give you a few ideas.

All this, and I ain't even had my Meds yet.

Stay tuned.


"Good Night"

Something on my mind before I log off. The Supreme Court decided that corporations are people, and have the right to spend or donate as much money as they wish in any election. Their money decided the recall election in Wisconsin. 

The unpopular Republican Governor survived an attempt by the voters to remove him. This after he took away collective bargaining rights in that state. Workers are basically screwed out there now.

We're two countries again. As once regionally, and with race now openly with class. Same old story the have's kicking the have nots in the teeth, and laughing as they drive away.

Yeah it's far more complicated than that. Still I feel a terrible weariness. If I were twenty I'd be out there raising hell.  Now I'm too cranky, and tired. Yeah in time there will be more economic Justice in our country. Though I won't live to see it. It's going to take 30, 40+  years to happen. Just as the third wave of the Civil Rights Movement took just as long from the 1960's to now to show at least some visible fruit.

Geez it's all so simple. Just be kind. Just share, Just laugh together. Sounds like a quaint sermon, but it's still true. It's so damned simple, but we always do it the hard way. 

Well here we go again.

As for me, bed.

Stay tuned.


"My Great Feet"

"Isn't the Sushi supposed to be Dead first"

"My personal snaps of the Big Guy"

" idea wtf is going on here"

"One of the Best of the Lot"

"Hand it over Jack!"

What the heck did all them space guys want with us or the Earth? Has anyone given serious thought to this. Btw a swell one up there. If ya ain't never saw it Netflix it pronto! I swear this one 'still' scares the crap out'a me!

About them cucumbers from outer space though. I mean there they were all happy, and frolicking in the frozen methane. Then it gets into their various heads tentacles, and other assorted sense organs to come all the way here to fuck us up. 

What the hell did we do to them. What did we have they wanted so bad,.. besides Marilyn Monroe, Color TV or Phil Silvers?

It was probably something we'd never have imagined. Washing machine or dryer lint. Maybe railroad ticket stubs. Not tram stubs mind you, but railroad stubs. Big difference ya know.  Well that, and our immortal souls. Heck the Devil ain't the only one that wants some'a that.

Aw well watch the damned skies comrades. Watch the Skies.

Stay Tuned.

"What were they Fucking w/us for?"

"Watch the Skies"

I've been a UFO nut since I was six. Ever since I saw one of them things flying high over our house back in the late 1950's. 'course no one believed me. 

"But Mom I really saw a flying saucer!"

"That's nice, now take out the trash, and walk the dog."


"Have you done your homework?"

Right I make First Contact, and then get sent to watch the dog crap all over the neighborhood. Pooper scooper laws were decades away as were my therapy sessions. Anyway The above publication, and them like it were my pre-sexual secular porn.  

I swear one day them saucer guys, and their ship will land in the Disneyland parking lot. Once folks figure out that they weren't one of the a rides the piss will be in the fan.

I can hardly wait.

"Always wondered how this Worked"