Friday, October 31, 2014


All these huge jumbles up stones. Oh what a great mound of ruins this City will be one day!  Although many of the sidewalks will cave in. They're mostly built over tunnels. 

Subways storage steam pipes that sort of thing, and they will cave in over the centuries.

Our trash heaps that is landfills will be a treasure trove for future archeologists. Much as Native heaps are for us today. Tons of Coke bottles plastic junk of all varieties, and medical wastes enough to satisfy any future virologist.

The Emerald City Ruins in the 40th century...what a thrill!

'Can hardly wait!

Stay Tuned.

"Let the World Go to Hell"

Below is a short exchange between myself, and an Facebook comrade.

Stephen Garcia Is it a real war or police action? The Bush Administration portrayed themselves as hardliners, but votes still mattered. Americans on which every side of the fence can't handle a real war these days. Regardless of being pro or against Israel they are old school in their approach, most can't handle it. 

That is not to say they a right or wrong. I get what we're doing, we won't allow any threatening world power to emerge, we play chess, and there is no clean way in doing so. Russia is no threat...China is nothing without our products on demand, and we sure didn't allow any oil saturated nation to screw with us politically or economically. 

My question would be...

What if U.S.A completely backed off, and let nations work it out for themselves, would the world be better?

 Sidney Smith No. It would actually be worse. The world is so awful that we're compared to most still the good guys. Amazing that, but true. Remember it was us that ended the Balkan Genocides...Europe sat on it's hands, and let it go on for near a decade. Just like they looked the other way over the Holocaust. 

Same with Afghanistan it was us that ousted the Taliban. Though thanks to Bush, and Co. getting us into Iraq they're taking territory back. So that war was a waste. However despite our sins we're still the only remotely positive force in the world.

Can you think of anyone else?

The Chinese the Russians Brazil...the fucking French...gimme a break. It's still us. Imperfect greedy racist stupid violent air headed us. This is a world so evil, and stupid that we're the only actual good guys...amazing. We're still the court of last appeal for the desperate.

Stay Tuned.

"Halloween in the Age of Terror!"

'As if' there was anything else out there that could still scare us. We've been at War in the West with Terror for decades. In the U.S. since the sinking of the U.S.S. Cole in the 90's. We're used to severed heads held high by demented religious freaks, and assorted maniacs.

We expect everything from random slaughter to a mini-nuke to be set off on our corner at any time so...

What's there to be afraid of. Heck even Ebola has lost it's fright charm. The thing could actually give us a 'for real' Steven King end of the world landscape. Ravaged cities empty highways the End-Time works.

Our attitude, "...What else ya got?"

I think a sudden fevered out break of World Peace, and common understanding would freak us out more than anything else these days. 


You go online or if you're of an age turn on your television set. There before you are folks in the streets hugging each other in love, and forgiveness.

This as befuddled commentators try to make sense of it. There those painted shills would be trying to funnel what they're seeing through the usual corporate filter.

That alone would be worth watching for the comedy of it. Sort of like what Fox News went through the night Obama was re-elected. 

Remember that...viciously funny.

So that's it. I guess the only thing that could scare us now is Peace. The most unimaginable thing in the World.

I remember the last "Peace Scare". 

It happened when all the walls came down in those confused, but gleeful days at the end of the Cold War. It really looked like there would finally be "Peace in our Time".

Fortunately for the Beast it coincided with the rise of fundamental Islam, and Christianity. From there we were off to the races...again. We found ourselves in yet another "Hundred Year War".

...not six months after the last one ended. There 'is' a Gawd,...and he doesn't especially like us.

The First Hundred Years War: 1337~1453

The Second Hundred Years War: 1914~1989

The Third Hundred Years War: 1990~ 2080...or so.

The reasons for all these spectacular floor shows was pretty much the same. Land. Money. Religion. Tribal Vanity gross cruelty stupidity, and a profound blindness to the sanctity of life *the universe, and everything.

*(...that last bit is from "Hitch Hikers Guide to the Universe.")

So as I say what's there to be afraid of. Everything is right on schedule, and it's business as usual.

Pass the chips.

Stay Tuned. 

(Speaking of Halloween. We're up to I think the 70+ years anniversary of the famed Orson Wells CBS Radio broadcast play of H.G Wells "War of the Worlds". Below is a 1971 version...if you have 90 minutes to burn take a listen.)

"War of the Worlds"

Monday, October 27, 2014

"The Heart of Dreams"


The Ebola hysteria that the media is enthralled with is not only shameful, but comically annoying as well. Mind you the Ebola plague in Africa is a human disaster, and the world particularly the United States is making an effort to contain the spread.

Indeed we've sent more soldiers aka "Boot's on the Ground" to Africa than we have to Iraq to stop the Isis genocide.

American media news cycles feed on fear, and gross stupidity. Both of these things are very evident in the manner of coverage of the cases reported locally. It's 'So Bad' that even Fox has shown some sanity in it's recent critical remarks regards the various Network reactions.

When "Fox" is the only Adult in the room you know it's bad. 

Here's my take:

"Man who might have EBOLA!!! or his distant cousin six times removed who could possibly have shaken hands with someone who might know somebody who lived in the same country when a case of EBOLA!!!! might at sometime in the perhaps distant past may have had a possible case of EBOLA!!!!!",

"Right the first guy that might have shaken the EBOLA!!!!!! exposed or possibly exposed person's hand...well' that' person...I mean the first person might have sat on a park bench somewhere in the lower 48 States where innocent children eating ice cream cones may have walked past at some point during the current school year!!!!!!!!!!!"

"The Governor is holding an Emergency Press Conference at the CDC New York Office today.  

Will will of course interrupt normal programming for this dramatic event...please stay tuned to this "Stupid News Network" for constant updates on this phoney life, and death emergency."

Holy Fuck.

Get a Bleeping Grip.

Stay Tuned. 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

"Laff Clown Laff!"

I have no idea how clowns became so popular back in the day. I really ought to read up on this odd tradition. Well maybe it made sense when traveling Carnivals were the only weird shit in town.

Yeah that makes sense.

There you are slopping the hogs or being hacked to death in this or that pogrom. That or burying most of your town or village after a plague or one of them somewhat unpleasant Viking visits. 

Then along comes the Carnival to cheer things up. Heck even the local Lord, and his murdering rapist pals from the Castle come to join in the festivities.

Acrobats weird animals guys swallowing pigs whole juggling burning pots of fire actors doing funny plays about Milk-Maids, and Priests, and of course our old pals the Clowns.

These days I could use a bit of that mayhem myself!

However with the Ocean of weird fucked up shit we have access to 24/7 I really don't think criminally insane old depressed guys in fright wigs, and war paint does the deal anymore.

Especially since now they're so identified with Mass Murderer Rapist Communist Pedophile Cannibals, and greasy substitute homeroom teachers.

I swear these guys are just creepy. 

Okay maybe they mean well. That is when they're not out eating people or kidnapping them so as to turn them into handbags raincoats or singing in the subway, and bothering you for change. 

The specimen in the doorway there is a tad worrisome.

On the other hand maybe he is 'just' a sweet jolly fellow out to bring a touch of joy into this shit stained nightmare of a world we stumble around in.

Sure he's in an old dark bunker in a deserted portion of Prospect Park on a Saturday Morning. However perhaps he truly just means to brighten the day of any isolated unawares person that happens by,....then he'll stab, and or eat him.

The only exception to all this btw is a swell group called "Clowns Without Borders".  No lie these folks really exist have for years, and do the real deal.

They're more like them ancient Carnival Clown folks that entertained folks after the the Khan's Hoards just finished burning every village for 500 miles around.

Ya gotta admit after one of them events the Proles are in bad need of some serious laffs.

You can find these swell folks here:

These nice folks go to all manner of second, and third world Hellholes when things are still as Medieval as during the smoky times of the Khan, and his pals.

'Matter of fact the swell daughter of some dear pals of mine is a gleeful member of this neat bunch. You bet I'm proud of her!

As for the other variety what can I say. Geez ya know I shouldn't be so hard on these folks as I may end up being a street clown before this mess is over myself.

Ya never know how you'll finally end up.

Well okay, but I draw the line at being a rapist or cannibal...all the other stuff we'll see.

Stay Tuned.


Vote for Imperial Commander Spock in the 2014 Imperial Congressional Elections. His program of Mass Enslavement, and Extermination of the so-called cultures of the lesser worlds is proof of his wise, and progressive vision!

He knows what's Good for Empire is Good you!


He sees You when you're sleeping!

He knows when you're awake!

More to the point He Knows if you've been Bad or Good!

So Elect Him for Goodness Sake!

Stay Tuned.

Friday, October 24, 2014


A Happy Trio of Dolls! How I love my surrogate babies. For years because of assorted insanities social phobias, and just being a cranky shut-in these sweeties were my stand-in Comrades.

I'm told by assorted shrinks that this or similar things are common to those with my gleeful madness. Some identify with characters on various TV or in previous times Radio shows.

Having worked in Radio, and related mediums for over 30 years you can see how that wouldn't take with me.

So dolls it was.

It all goes back to my kidhood, and playing with my sister's dollies. That, and my Grandmother trying to turn me into a Transvestite.  This centuries before all that happy noise went main-stream.

I've told stories here about that, and other interesting adventures of growing up with somewhat stern, but loving, and seriously eccentric elders.

Mostly though the dolls became a life-line during the long AIDS Pandemic. Although we didn't know for a long while that's what we were all in.

All we knew was our friends were dying all around us. 

Cutting to the chase...though you know how I love to write tear jerkers. Getting to the rather merciless, and sharp point. My generation of gleeful Queers was rather like the WW1 generation. The young men of Europe exterminated for nothing.  

1914~1918 the first act of the Second Hundred Years War. 

That war known to the rubes as WW1 was, and is for me the barometer of how just how far into madness we will allow ourselves to go. Quite far as it turns out.

AIDS the mass killer that no-one at least in the USA would talk about in it's early years. The Government was silent even the the Gay Press hardly said a word...mostly from ignorance both real, and willful.

All was knew was that all our dearest friends were dead or dying. Hence my WW1 Trench feeling about it all. It seemed that every week there was a funeral for someone I knew. That or someone in my social circle close or far, but there they were...dead.

WW1 wives had their children or writing or their parents. We had no one. Officially it wasn't even happening. That's something younger folks don't know or don't know how to internalize.

We were so alone in those years.

Someone should write something if they haven't already. I have a fear that this like so much of the culture changing events of the mid-late 20th century will be lost.

When the last of us Hipsters/Hippies/Peaceniks go that History will go too. Or worse survive as the ridiculous  cartoon distortions that are too common today.

'But to the dolls.

While care-giving for a friend's friend my serious doll thing evolved.

He as it happened had a suppressed his love for them sweet little folks. The usual story..beaten by his father for showing Sissy traits..caught with his sister's dolls. It was bad. He was made to suffer.

Stupid Father's are so often the villains in these stories.

I would say there should be a special place in one of them ironic "Twilight Zone" Hell's for them...but I don't believe in Hell. Okay if the father decides to re-incarnate it will have to be as a colorful singing Drag Queen with his own program on "Showtime"...that ought to do it.

Evens the Karma out.

Anyway I went over to Kmart or was it Woolworths. Well one of them, and I got him three Barbie dolls..with a few costume changes.

He loved it!

So on every visit I brought a doll with me.  They got fancier, and more expensive as time went on. I was becoming an informed shopper. After a time though I noticed the dolls were not being opened. They were beginning to pile up.

He was just too weak too forgetful.

When he passed, when my friend's friend finally passed. All the dolls were given away to a local Day Care.

There is no 'After Action Report" not for any of it. It came upon us it happened it ended. You know I've never actually sat down, and counted up the dead I knew.

Still can't.

However the Dolls continued. Stand-in characters for the dead. So for those that have wondered that's where my "Doll Thing" comes from. 

They are surrogates for the lost.

I never replaced my does one 'replace' a dear friend? So often people in wanting to be kind have said that "replacing" thing to me. can't be done.

All you can do is to try to move on.

Well I did, but I took Barbie with me.

Stay Tuned.


Thursday, October 23, 2014


I was over on my Facebook page, and happened to see a video posted by a dear pal. It was of a Cherokee Tribal Pow Wow. All very swell, and interesting. 


As I posted here when it as it happened. Some years back the Cherokee Nation declared all Slave descended or Black members of their Tribe as officially "Expelled". 

...of course the White descended members could stay.

Btw this hasn't been done since the Nuremberg Laws were passed. These declared all persons of Jewish decent  as no longer German. This sort of thing I had thought was now illegal. What with the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, and all that happy noise.

Turns out there are fine print exceptions under relatively recent changes. These under the heading of Ethnic/Tribal indigenous law or some such Whooie. Turns out the Cherokee lawyers doted their  "I's", and crossed their "T's". I'm told by Native pals these guys cited just those exceptions, and got away with it.


Anyway this crime was eventually...after several years of bickering condemned by a few other Native Nations. A 'very few' because some of the other Native Nations we now know were thinking of doing, and may yet do the same thing.

Nice huh?

So I guess this proves that in a Democratic Republic like ours everybody has the right to be a racist fuckhead.

We all do too

White Black Brown Red, and Yellow skinned Americans all have overtly Racist Organizations. These nut-jobs are a demented handful, but they're there, and sometimes make overt moves. Like our pals the Cherokees.

The new Cherokee Apartheid Law is rooted in financial, and narrow nationalist this stuff always is.

Lets have a look at exhibit "A".

Her name is sadly lost to history, but here is a Black Cherokee woman. Her image taken in the late 19th century. If she had lived to the present era she would now just be Black.

Just Black, and not the Mother Grandmother Great Grandmother, and now Great Great Grandmother of a child in the Cherokee Nation. She, and all her descendants are now just ordinary everyday Niggers. Which is how the tribal elders always saw her, and them anyway.

Is this an interesting Country or what?

Ex-Cherokee holding her canceled Tribal Identification Card.

When the accumulated Planetary Shit finally hits the fan, and certain scores are at last settled. The 'Cherokee' will be re-classified as "White", and will endure the 'same' fate of Whites. 

'And as they have done with their Black children there will be 'No' Appeal.

Stay Tuned.

(I'm 'no' Saint...never claimed to be. However...The Whitman post below shows the Better Angels of my Heart.)




"I feel so full of Love. It's worse than when I was young." Quote from Saint Walt Whitman. America has many demons, but many Saints too. Besides the obvious ones there are the Holy somewhat quiet ones that influence who we are as a Nation.

Stay Tuned.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"We Will Bury You"

"We Will Bury You!" ...said the Boss of all Soviet Russia Nikita Khrushchev.  Scary bleep that especially given the Cold War mayhem running around loose at the time.

Like 'all' great historical moments this was a simple mis-understanding. The translator getting the inflection wrong or something. 

What our pal Khrushchev meant was that the then CCCP/USSR would overcome the advances of the West in both science, and standard of living.

The old boy could be excused for maybe putting it a tad harshly. He was a soldier after all , and hero of the Great War with them Nazi maniacs. He also de-Stalinized Russia...or tried to.

So the commie wet dream up there really wasn't what our Hero was getting at. 'Though if all that 'did' kinda sorta happen this would be okay. I mean as seen above NATO kicked to the curb the good 'ol USA a puppet state of Russia like Poland or East Germany...yeah he'd probably like that fine.

However not 'fine' enough to blow the damned world up to get it as history showed.  He didn't "Blink" as western cold war propaganda sez.  He decided as did Kennedy that this shit was seriously bleeping nuts, and some controls needed to be applied ASAP!

This is why your esteemed editor is still alive, and gleeful.

More later I have to go to class.

Stay Tuned.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

"Tiger Tiger Burning Bright..."

WW2 "Lancaster" bombers above being shot down over Germany. Hundreds were. Just as many hundreds of German bombers were brought down over Britain. Both sides had profoundly brave crews that risked near certain death to bring death to others.

We are Noble in our Madness.

I think that's what I'm trying to say here. I have this WW2 flying fantasy that the Bombers were dropping food, and seeds instead of Bombs.

Such missions with the same risk I would gladly fly today despite my somewhat aged condition. Besides wars should be fought by old men anyway.

Stay Tuned.


Maybe if I keep speaking the truth about my failing health everybody will feel yucky about seeing that, and go away. Not that there are many out there. The count on the right there is fiction.

Blogspot site counters are always like that.

In reality I have no idea whose out there...could be thousands or just a handful either way is fine 'cause that's not why I post. I post because I must like I must breath live laugh weep sleep like that.

I am just who I am. 

Till I'm not.

Saturday, October 18, 2014


I was thinking, well I've been doing rather a lot of that what with all this time on my hands. Still it's come to me as it does from time to time that I might start some sort of semi-religious congregation.

Known to the Heat as a "Commie Terrorist Porn Ring".

Actually that's what the current version of our Red Squad thinks of everybody. You hold a meeting about getting a new bird feeder for your local park you can bet the Heat will be there to check you out.

It's all that "Age of Terror" equipment the Feds have been handing out like gum drops to heat all over the country. Remember that retro-race riot last summer?

Okay how did the cops in a relatively small town get all that artillery? Btw I mean that literally...hey you saw it. Cops decked out like they was about to go into Iraqi combat with armored vehicles choppers the works.

"Mayberry RFD" it ain't.


I digress.

Right as I was saying...from time to time, as "Z" can confirm, I've had the notion of starting some sort of Congregation. Sort of like Jim Jones only we don't move to the jungle kill ourselves or similar bad vibes. 

I think we'd have some mish-mash of Buddhism Hindu bits Catholic drama Sacred Grove of the Mystical Holy Boy, and "Dr. Who" "Star Trek" fandom, least to start.

My dearly departed Uncle John Baptiste aka Uncle J.B. was a fiery seriously sweet, but deranged preacher...runs in the family.  Good 'ol Uncle J.B. was a serious Alcoholic who got the "Cure" via religion. 

Hey whatever works.

Btw he 'may' have been the longest living member of the family. Out-doing our "Aunt Helaina". 

'She' was born before the end of the Civil War. As a very little girl she actually saw the liberation of the Slaves on the plantation her Great Great Great...etc., Grandmother was sold onto.

She called them the "Blue Armymen".

That's how it happened. Union soldiers would reach a town or plantation, and would free whatever Slaves were held there. Mind you this is 'after' the War. Before it they often didn't. The logistics forbade it too often...but that's yet another story. 

"My Aunt Helaina" however who died at 102 saw "Freedom" happen with her own eyes, and passed that story on to us, and now I've passed it on to you.

Somewhere in our huge family there's a photo of her holding me a week after I was born. Imagine. Family hands that were born in Slavery actually 

So she went at 102. Depending in which family faction you're with Uncle J.B. passed at "103!"

I should say here my Dad's side is insanely long lived. Hitting 90 or so is normal for them. My Mom's folks kick the bucket in their late 50's to  middle 60's. I'm seriously hoping things will average out so me, and my sisters make it to at least 80...we'll see.

I digressed again,...I think.

Right. Uncle J.B. was a Minister so why not me. Heck he was in the pulpit for at least 50 years.  So if you count my radio years as being preaching years, and they were...sorta kinda. I still have 20 or so more years to bring the Heathen to the Light or whatever,

So I hereby proclaim:

"Uncle Sydney's First Church of Bewildered Wonderment". 

(...the ink illustration, 1939?, is by Saint Ralph Chubb an early 20th century Brit Peacenik Mystic WW1 vet Pacifist artist publisher, and layabout.)

'Course I'll need time to register with the City...fuck the State or the Feds. Arrange for our annual boat ride up the Hudson. All nut cults, and store-front sects do this.

Then make up some t-shirts get a webpage going, maybe a cool hat. Some assorted toys like the Catholic have. Holy Water prayer beads aka the Rosary fruit flavored condoms...remember safety first!

Most important...Holy Statues to Pray to. See some likely examples in this post.

...and a Lawyer.

Every religion needs some of them. If only to keep track of the love offerings from the assorted rubes, and marks. Yeah I think that about covers it. We can deal with any weird shit that crops up as we go along. Ya know like Angels, and or Demons showing up.

Hey these guys do...I ain't kidding.

Now this is a hell of a free country despite the efforts to fuck it up. So I can start any sort of deranged faith I like. Folks do this all the time. Freedom of Religion no matter how stupid or insane is a closely guarded right up there with the Second Amendment that lets most of us carry automatic weapons around.

Well outside of the NYC limits anyway.

Okay first I need to concoct some sincere sounding prayers. A calendar of Holy Daze Saints Prophets, and all the usual crap that goes with this sort of outfit.

"Blessed be They that know they're being Fucked Over".

...yeah stuff like that. I'll ask my old Occupy pal for help on this aspect. Well alright that's all for tonight on this at least. I must mediate further.

"Praise Be the very Sands,...and hot dogs, of Coney Island!"

"The very Lourdes of the Faith!"

Stay Tuned.