Thursday, October 23, 2014


I was over on my Facebook page, and happened to see a video posted by a dear pal. It was of a Cherokee Tribal Pow Wow. All very swell, and interesting. 


As I posted here when it as it happened. Some years back the Cherokee Nation declared all Slave descended or Black members of their Tribe as officially "Expelled". 

...of course the White descended members could stay.

Btw this hasn't been done since the Nuremberg Laws were passed. These declared all persons of Jewish decent  as no longer German. This sort of thing I had thought was now illegal. What with the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, and all that happy noise.

Turns out there are fine print exceptions under relatively recent changes. These under the heading of Ethnic/Tribal indigenous law or some such Whooie. Turns out the Cherokee lawyers doted their  "I's", and crossed their "T's". I'm told by Native pals these guys cited just those exceptions, and got away with it.


Anyway this crime was eventually...after several years of bickering condemned by a few other Native Nations. A 'very few' because some of the other Native Nations we now know were thinking of doing, and may yet do the same thing.

Nice huh?

So I guess this proves that in a Democratic Republic like ours everybody has the right to be a racist fuckhead.

We all do too

White Black Brown Red, and Yellow skinned Americans all have overtly Racist Organizations. These nut-jobs are a demented handful, but they're there, and sometimes make overt moves. Like our pals the Cherokees.

The new Cherokee Apartheid Law is rooted in financial, and narrow nationalist this stuff always is.

Lets have a look at exhibit "A".

Her name is sadly lost to history, but here is a Black Cherokee woman. Her image taken in the late 19th century. If she had lived to the present era she would now just be Black.

Just Black, and not the Mother Grandmother Great Grandmother, and now Great Great Grandmother of a child in the Cherokee Nation. She, and all her descendants are now just ordinary everyday Niggers. Which is how the tribal elders always saw her, and them anyway.

Is this an interesting Country or what?

Ex-Cherokee holding her canceled Tribal Identification Card.

When the accumulated Planetary Shit finally hits the fan, and certain scores are at last settled. The 'Cherokee' will be re-classified as "White", and will endure the 'same' fate of Whites. 

'And as they have done with their Black children there will be 'No' Appeal.

Stay Tuned.

(I'm 'no' Saint...never claimed to be. However...The Whitman post below shows the Better Angels of my Heart.)



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