Wednesday, October 15, 2014

"Fahrt mit dem Bus, En tramway"

I usually never rides the bus. There are not enough of them they're too slow too crowded, and the traffic is insane. Like most reasonable people I ride the subway.

There's plenty of them they go everywhere, and you can sleep without sunlight in your eyes. The downside is you can be shot or stabbed. 'But then you can have that done anywhere in this town so the subway it is.

However not this time. On very rare occasions I need to get somewhere that the subway isn't convenient to. 


Last week was one of them times. Never mind where I was going the trauma of riding in daylight on top of the street was enough for me. I haven't rode these damned things since high school. I 'really' don't like them.

That being so I decided to record my bus trip.

So here is where all the real people live. Most of the City regardless of ethnic noise looks pretty much like this. Some a tad nicer some insanely worse, but you gets the picture.

So below is the Real City.

Stay Tuned.

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