Monday, October 6, 2014

"Toxic Shock"

Me along with my Great Feet, above, are going back to the Hospital again today. This time on my own two great or at least normal feet. Though it was fun being rolled around everywhere before. This time a general check up. Poking prodding, and blood work.

Also new Meds as some that I was on gave me serious Toxic Shock. Not fun. If there's time I might go to the park to take snaps of the Autumn colors if not then tomorrow. All this trouble everyone is going through just to keep me alive.

For Heaven's sakes.

I'm working on my art-book project for my class at the "92nd Street Y". It's coming along. I have a general Idea of what it's going to be, and have done a few pages already.  It's odd for me to be on a deadline for art work. I usually let it bubble around for months before I do anything. Now they want results right away.

It's still fun though.

I'll post the whole book here, and on my Queer page when it's done next month.

Time to shower take Meds, and go back to my "Dr. Who" DVD. This with yet another "new" Doctor. So far so good.

Stay Tuned.

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