Friday, October 10, 2014

"Heads Up Pal!!"

 (...From Comments)
  1. I wanna be Godzilla!

    Yum yum munchie munchie tasty hedge funders.


  2. As for that guy in the vintage car, (...see two posts below), the law firm he works at is a foreclosure mill. NEMESIS - The Big Payback!

    These kind of pix seem to bring out my atavistic side.


  3. Me too. My favorite scene in the world is of the "Creature from 20,000 Fathoms" eating that cop.

    Right a beat cop is standing on the NYC docks when this 500 foot lizards shows up. He takes a few pot shots at it...get this...then stops to reload.

    Well you could see it coming from a thousand miles away.

    Eh,...the Cop didn't.


    (Neat Cars Though.)

    Stay Tuned.


  1. Poor lizard. He must be awfully hungry, with nothing but one measly cop for breakfast. Maybe he'll find that spy-on-the-public surveillance building I've read about and settle down for a nice long lunch, washed down with a few very large margaritas. Then - on to Wall Street for a truly sumptuous supper!


  2. I'll paint arrows with Radioactive lizard blood to guide the Big Guy there.

    (Eh you need to see the movie to get the referencing.)