Monday, October 31, 2016

"Sit, and Suffer"


The Chicago Tribune became the 1st major newspaper to ask Hillary Clinton to step aside and remove herself from the ticket. From their article today:

If ruling Democrats hold themselves to the high moral standards they impose on the people they govern, they would follow a simple process:

They would demand that Mrs. Clinton step down, immediately, and let her vice presidential nominee, Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia, stand in her place.
Democrats should say, honestly, that with a new criminal investigation going on into events around her home-brew email server from the time she was secretary of state, having Clinton anywhere near the White House is just not a good idea.
( The above is a piece of crap floating around social media along with other bits of political turds.) 

Christ in a burning shit-house this shit just does not stop. She ain't going away. Not happening, and no Bernie is not going to be President neither is Trump.

The emails are bullshit they always were.

If these republican shits had the goods on her she would have been in jail 30 years ago. They tried for decades, and spent hundreds of millions of our dollars in their insane war on Hillary, and never found shit.

The far right, and now a fanatical portion of the left hate her, and want her head. Sorry you ain't getting it. So sit, and suffer for eight years. Then you can elect a different open bigot or far left messiah. I've had enough of this stupid whiney shit from these folks...get over it.

There's a week to go, and no there's not going to be no last minute miracle for either Bernie or trump. None.

These damned distorted political posters like the above have been an infection on FB, and other social media for too long. They are produced by trolls to re-enforce what some already believe or get folks angry and or fighting each other.

Hillary is going to be the next frigging President for the next eight years...which is likely the rest of my fucked up life. It just didn't go your way come back as I said in another eight years, and elect whatever lying fool you like better than this lying fool.

Enough of this infantile bullshit.

The millennials I can understand acting like babies...I have dirty laundry older than them. The rest of us have no excuse.

Stay Tuned.


"Grab for Power" as some stupid coked up bleep eating political wonk said of this alleged election. I never understood why. Who would want to even try to govern this split angry unjust hateful grossly ignorant backward excuse of a Republic.

One that has become the laughing stock of the whole world.

It's like when one of those corrupt royal families back in day rejected the crown of an insane Balkan state. They said something like, "...We would not stoop to pick up a crown from the gutter."

That's us right now. We're in the sewer of nations.

Nuff bleeping said.

Stay tuned.

"What the Fuck is this Shit"

"Can Poverty Lead to Mental Illness?"

After a mother killed her four young children and then herself last month in rural China, onlookers quickly pointed to life circumstances.
The family lived in extreme poverty, and bloggers speculated that her inability to escape adversity pushed her over the edge.

Can poverty really cause mental illness?

It's a complex question that is fairly new to science. Despite high rates of both poverty and mental disorders around the world, researchers only started probing the possible links about 25 years ago.
Since then, evidence has piled up to make the case that, at the very least, there is a connection. People who live in poverty appear to be at higher risk for mental illnesses.

They also report lower levels of happiness.

That seems to be true all over the globe. In a 2010 review of 115 studies that spanned 33 countries across the developed and developing worlds, nearly 80 percent of the studies showed that poverty comes with higher rates of mental illness.

Among people living in poverty, those studies also found, mental illnesses were more severe, lasted longer and had worse outcomes. And there's growing evidence that levels of depression are higher in poorer countries than in wealthier ones. This says Johannes Haushofer, an economist and neurobiologist who studies interactions between poverty and mental health at Princeton University.

(The extract above is from NPR,, column "Goats, and Soda.")

"Can Poverty Lead to Madness?"

In a word yes.

What sort of stupid arrogant first world farting through silk bulimic American Express question is that. Being very poor or very rich leads to madness. Period.

( Btw I use the image of poor white kids because the majority on Public Assistance in this sad ragged fucked up Republic are children, ...white children. Yet the popular common belief that it's able-bodied drunk stoned womanizing young Black men. Them living high on the hog. This while good decent white folks are paying their bills continues. Thank you Fox News thank you Republican Party.)

Said Thomas Jefferson: "...I tremble for my Country as I know that G-d is just...)

So can  being busted fucked over hungry under constant assault by our assorted social system cause madness? Are you shitting me...are you fucking ass kidding. I should kick the shit out of you for just standing there in your designer sun glasses asking something like that.

But okay to your fucked up Question.

Though I only know about being poor, and later being sort of middle class. Being middleclass makes you neurotic which is different than actually drooling madness,...close, but different.

I've been very poor in my time. I went without eating regularly for nearly half a year. I had no home. I lived in the rain, and snow. I was desperately ill with no insurance. You know what,...I was lucky because there were so many even worse off...yeah you 'can' be worse off.

My sense of who I was began to drift.

However I was fortunate that I was educated, and also a writer. So I kept a journal as well as photos of my time of hardship. Scraps of my dignity survived. This kept me sane...some what. That is how I was able to come back.

Most however do not come back. The ones that have no options no network of family friends, and intuitions. Their only possessions are themselves their desperate situations, and their madness.

They stay out there losing parts of themselves a little every day till there's nothing left but echoes of echoes of who they once were. All this 'should' have been at the center of this election instead of the circus we got.

Nuff said.

Stay Tuned.


Okay what do we see. A person subjected to either little or no meaningful education. A shitty job or no job. It's now residing in China or Mexico. Everything in society against them, and telling them they're nothing. Bills they can't pay relationships down the crappers, and stuck with a fucked up rusty old car.

Yeah I'd be insanely pissed, and blaming all the wrong people too.

Thing is after the election, and their beloved "Huey Long" figure goes back to his golden mansions. What becomes of them? They can't go anywhere. De-industrialization has taken everything away from them. Their children have no futures. They have the exact mirror problems of all the inner cities.

Only now over these past few decades it's hit whites in their millions as well. I remember hearing that "...whatever they do to Blacks they will be doing to 'You' in 20 or so years,...well. 

However this problem remains.

What can be done to bring not only the Inner Cities back from near death, but the vast ruined Post-Industrial White Working Class as well.

Because now they just hate each other, and blame each other for all their problems. As opposed to the forces that really fucked them both over.

This should have been the main national question of the election. That instead of this surreal circus we endured for so long.

Stay Tuned.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

"Water is Life"

About 40 years ago the Native American Communities got the attention of the media. They were the short term darlings of both the media, and the left,...then vanished.

The cameras lost interest, and the left left to save the whales or something.

Now it begins again.

At least for the rest of us it begins again. It never stopped for the Native folks. Hasn't for maybe 500 years or so. Anyway forgive my cynical view, but are we just buying a few more trinkets to make us feel less guilty? "...All of us."

Black Horse Soldiers fought in the "Indian Wars" too.

That to our eternal shame. This pipeline through Native Sacred Lands is the same old story again. The headlines could be from 100 years ago.

Same old same old.

Basically fuck them treaties! Out of the damned way "Geronimo" there's money under your land, "...Our Money!

Sorry no punchline unless you have one. This is just shit as it is in this not so new century of ours. Are the Natives just the flavor of the month after an absence of more than 40 years?

That or is this something primal living growing out there that might change this Republic for the better.

Let me know if you find out.

Stay Tuned,

Thursday, October 27, 2016

"The Evil Lying Thieving Fucks"

Defense Secretary Ash Carter has ordered the Pentagon to halt the claw back of enlistment or re-enlistment bonuses.
His decision comes in the wake of angry reaction from members of Congress who demanded he relieve the burden on the Guard members. And the White House said President Barack Obama has warned the Defense Department not to "nickel and dime" service members who were victims of fraud by overzealous recruiters.
Congress had actually been aware of the plans for at least two years.
The California National Guard told the state’s members of Congress two years ago that the Pentagon was trying to claw back reenlistment bonuses from thousands of soldiers, and even offered a proposal to mitigate the problem, but Congress took no action, according to a senior National Guard official.
On Tuesday, President Obama ordered an expedited investigation.
President Barack Obama has told the Defense Department to expedite its review of nearly 10,000 California National Guard soldiers who have been ordered to repay enlistment bonuses improperly given a decade ago, but he is not backing growing calls for Congress to waive the debts, the White House said Tuesday.


Well finally! What a fucking betrayal this was. Folks risked their lives were wounded some of them killed some many decorated,...and the government wants a refund from them??!!!!.


The shit heads that put this through in the first place need to be broken in rank, and dishonorably discharged. And someone needs to kick the living shit out of them as they're dragged out of the building!

I still want the wonks that started this shot. I believe this would serve as a useful example to all Departments concerned.

Also that prick Obama didn't waive the debts. He just started an investigation. That is the standard delaying tactic of the guilty to give them time to pin the blame on someone lower in the corporate food chain the evil lying thieving fucks!

...Strong letter to follow!

Stay Tuned.

"Through a Dream Darkly"

On top of everything else I'm having WW2 dreams. I'm remembering/dreaming things as if I were there. That or maybe I'm remembering my father's memories.

His experience of the War.

I have in fact been dreaming about him in recent months. The family generally, but him in particular. With these dreams. What is he trying to tell me or me him.

He never told us much about the War. However over many years we slowly pieced things together. It was a horror for him. Sometimes when I was little I'd hear him moan even cry out in his sleep.

My Mom told me not to ask him about that.

So now I finally share his experience. As I did my bother John's experiences in yet another War in a different vivid dream. I told you of that on the radio years ago.

I now see what they both saw filtered through decades of life experience, and the mystical connections dreams give us to the departed.

I see the Wars as if I were part of them. Which through my brother, and father I was/am.

Stay Tuned.

"Happy Birthday Madam President"

Regardless of all the static fear lies, and super bad vibes of this whole year. I'm glad this election 2016 mayhem is finally over,...mostly. Also I like the sound of "Madam president" that.

Only took 240 years.

When Hillary was 11 she wrote NASA, and asked how she could become an Astronaut. They wrote back saying, "...girls can't be astronauts."


Now we have to figure out what the fuck we do next. I mean 38% of our Republic are out of the closet are deranged Nazi's. The vast rooted corruptness of both major political parties is now open for all to see.

There's no shoving that rancid shit back up ya ass.

The rich are preparing for the collapse of the world economic system. Hoarding cash, buying up all the gold, and building bunkers.

...leaving the rest of us twisting in the wind with our collective thumbs up our butts. That, and they killed off "Glenn" on "Walking Dead".

I really liked that guy,...arrogant fuck heads!

So welcome, and "Happy Bleeping Birthday" Madam Hillary the First. I know you can't or won't do anything to help us, but please please try not to fuck us too hard.

Btw also kinda try not to have a Nuclear War with that maniac Putin.

Maybe just have a Black Ops team blow his brains out. Maybe do something about them writers on "Walking Dead" as well. I'm sure this can be arraigned with the Russian Mafia,...Obama has their number.

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

"A Human Face"

Michael Moore puts a human face on the Trump community...some of it anyway. Someone like Trump was bound to show up.

Fox News, and the Republican Party guaranteed it.

The Industrial dispossessed was waiting for him. The left generally ignored them. These folks were an explosion of rage waiting to happen. Progressives could have tapped that energy, but their cultural bigotry against them, and their values prevented that.

Our tent is not actually that big. We have intolerance too.

We need to think about that.

Here's a reply from an old pal from my broadcast daze. This on Facebook where I posted this video, and my comments first.

  1. Andrea Sears "And it will feel good....f". Good ..... for? Good for a week, a month, maybe six months or a year? Good until the reality sinks in? The reality that Donald J. Trump doesn't believe anything he says, that he is unfamiliar with the concept of truth?

    For years I've said the worst fate that can befall any revolution is victory because then the slogans and the fervor of opposition becomes the drudgery of making silk purses out of sow's ears, or the other way around. And it's not fun and it often doesn't work and the people who were so excited to toss the Molotov cocktail suddenly realize that, in this case, they burned up their social security checks, their SNAP benefits, their children's future.

Stay tuned.


Tuesday, October 25, 2016

"Bug Hunt"


"La belle et la Bête"








"Me Too"

Once again I'm mystified at why certain nationalities visit this page in waves. Some times it's thousands of Russians then Ukrainians then Israel, and the Palestinian State. Assorted others as well.

Not many from English speaking countries...not even Canada.

Aw well.

Right now it's the French. They are here by the train-load. They are very welcome too.

Paris est vraiment la bonne? New York est un gros trou de merde. Je suppose que toutes les grandes villes sont.

Hé, je suis juste en train d'être amical.

Stay Tuned.

( PS: This a day after the above post. Today there were more French reading this page than Americans or anybody else.)

...No idea why.

"Republic Saved!"

"This Just In!" A puppy has just devoured all of the current Presidential candidates!  Yes even those annoying 3rd party nutters. The lot are in the puppy's gut!

The puppy whose street name is "Kool-J" was apprehended by Secret Service agents who were for the moment distracted by watching the new season opener of "Walking Dead",...btw "Glenn" bought it.


(...Ex-Glenn from Comic book version of the episode.)

After mourning the bashed in brains of their favorite TV character the Agents sprang into action, and subdued the Mass Assassin Pup. They seized, and held "Kool-J" upside down trying to get the candidates or at least major portions of them into a handy punch bowl.

No dice. The former Presidential wannabees were mulched into an common meatball of blue, and red tissue.

There continues to be a search for possible co-conspirators to this heinous deed.

As news of this Mass Consumption of the 2016 candidates for the worlds highest office spread. Crowds formed in the streets of great cities towns, and villages to praise the fearless deed of the Puppy "Kool-J".

The Archbishop of Kansas City hailed "Kool-J" as, "...The Savior of the Republic!" "Eddie" homeless much decorated Iraq vet openly wept saying into our microphones, "...Now there is Hope where there was 'none' before!"

Retired, and impoverished emotionally unstable former obscure radio personality "Uncle Sidney" is recorded to have said, "...will you damned maniacs quiet down I'm taking my Med up here!"

"Percy" a relative of "Kool-J's" was quoted, " he on Crack again?"

Yes across the nation, and around the world a collective sigh of relief as a seriously deranged demented bullet was averted by all.  "Kool-J" in his first press conference since his horrific yet popular crime said, "...Eh,...I really need to go for a walk, really I do."

More on this great event as developments warrant.

Stay Tuned.