Friday, October 14, 2016


I can see poor ol' George now. Living in a tent with hundreds of other homeless. This on the former parking lots of "Spacely Sprockets".

He also stupidly had a DNA test that found he was actually Black with a touch of Neptunian. Jane divorced him behind that.

She was always such a racist.

"Sprockets" was sold to the Koreans who then dismantled the plant, and sent it to Mars because slavery is legal there, wages or insurance!

George is eating out of dumpsters.

His daughter Judy is in the Army on Jupiter fighting the Jovian Nazi Balloon Fish.

His son Elroy selling his internal organs to pay for his sex change.

His wife Jane married Mr. Spacely who got insanely rich from the sale of his factory.

The general American life expectancy is now officially 32.

The oceans are dead the glaciers are gone homicide, and cannibalism out of necessity are legal. That, and the Space Aliens have finally quarantined Earth.

An accurate 21st century story.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Wasn't Spacely already married? I bet he and Jane did in the missus for the insurance.


  2. It was an accident. Of course it was...we were all there when she was pushed...I mean "fell" from the 368th floor.

    ....real pity that.