Monday, October 17, 2016

"Food Crime", *From my 2009 Archives.

I just pigged out on a whole box of Chocolate Eclairs. Oh Chocolate! Chocolate! Not only that, but I washed it down with a cold bottle of Dr. Pepper,..alright two bottles.

I just consumed enough sugar in 20 read right. 20 minutes! I downed enuff sugar to put the whole country of Belize into diabetic shock. Btw it's been so long since I'd done anything 'this' insane that I forgot about the exit would..the Sugar Rush! HOLY SHIT!!!!

It was a tsunami of Crack Whiskey Speed with a hint of Brown Acid dementia!

If there were a video of this it'd be viral now. "Note to Self" time I'm 'this' stupid again chain myself to the radiator. This so I don't run around the 'hood in a skintight Bat Woman suit swinging a rubber chicken over my head while singing the Oscar Meyer hot dog song in Yiddish.

Good thing I didn't buy the family pact.

*( If I did this today it would be fatal.)

Stay Tuned.

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