Saturday, October 22, 2016

"White Children"

I dunno if anyone mentioned this, but Allah, and God the Father are the same guy. The Koran has the same Prophets same Angels same stories as the Jewish Talmud, and the Christian old Testament. This is why we're all called "People of the Book". Ask any scholar of any of these three religions.

We have a common beginning. In fact the Islamic Koran...their Bible speaks well of Jesus as a prophet, as well as his mother. Also the founders of our Republic if you read their prose make clear this in not a nation with any particular established religion.

One of the reasons for founding this Casio in the first place was religious freedom. This because religious persecutions were very common not only in Europe, but even the colonies in that time.

Oh about the "free food housing etc." the Tea party hates so much.

We all as tax payers contribute funds from our damned shrinking pay checks all our it or not...mostly 'not'. this done so that when we're in need we get help. Food help housing help medical attention. Every civilized Western, and not a few Eastern nations have been doing this for their people for over 100 years with no problem.

In this country there's a Calvinist stripe to part of the conservative movement that distorts views on Social Assistance to those in Need. Basically the general Calvinist view is that the poor are sinners, and their plight is a punishment from G-d. This Divine chastisement should not be interfered with.

...very convenient.

Seriously nuts, but that's what they believed. least at the time.

Anyway this leaked into part of mainstream culture which now sees some as unworthy of any help. This is usually racially interpreted. This divide is one of the corner stones of our endless Culture War.

The needy are criminal, and lazy, and should get nothing from good working people.

Here's a fact. The Majority of the actual people on Welfare...are children. White Children. This followed by the elderly, and disabled. Google it. So...

( I found the above rightist poster on Facebook, and couldn't help myself. 'Like shooting ducks in a barrel, but still. The thing got like a hundred responses all against it...okay some in favor. There's my reply post above. Anyway it illustrated one of our cultural divides.)

Stay Tuned.

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