Wednesday, October 5, 2016

"Vignette",...or my life as a Sock Puppet.

A few weeks back I was walking over to the Church of the Holy Apostles. This to speak with the commie lawyers that were helping me with my Senior citizen problems. That, and a hot free lunch the Church gleefully gives to folks.

Well I was crossing 7th avenue on my way to ninth when I nearly passes out. My vision went full tunnel there was a buzzing ringing in my ears I began to mis-step barely making it across the street.

I leaned against the wall of "FIT" ya know the Fashion Institute. It figures in that past life I mentioned. The one which had become an 'echo of an echo". In that other world I had gone here often. Many lectures, and projects all that noise from my former professional life

That day it was as distant, and remote as a long canceled TV series.

I was actually experiencing the effects of malnutrition. Get that ...big "M" Malnutrition. Not merely poor nutrition as I tidied it up when I rarely speak of it.  This was the real deal.

I've endured many things in my life...being attacked several times by gangs of white kids when I was little being raped at day camp constant physical/emotional abuse also as a kid.  Attempting suicide...several times, and not just to get attention.

...I meant it.

Skipping ahead to middle, and late adulthood being caregiver to aging relatives...then losing my house living on the streets for a year. After that, and with no treatment for the homeless PTSD effects, enduring a fratricidal prolonged labor dispute at the radio foundation I devoted decades to.

Finally the near lot of us being laid off because of threatened chapter 11...tell me if I'm boring you...forcefully retired thereby losing my identity, and purpose. Chronic illness. Emotional disability. Also losing so many friends to early death, and lately routinely being fucked over by the department of old farts.

Basically they cut off my meds, and food.

It took six months to get it all back thanks to them neat lawyers the church steered me towards. I brings all this up because besides having to sell almost all my possessions during this recent disaster just to live, see my post "The Famine of 2016", I'm having flash backs, and physical traumas from six months of what my Doc officially just said was prolonged malnutrition.

All this still beats living in Syria or most any place else on this slaughter house of a planet. Still.

Anyway as I sit here I'm eating Dramamine like popcorn to control the constant dry heaves, vertigo, and sometimes serious confusion due the recent famine.

Damn...them spooks at the hospital weren't kidding. It 'will' take months to physically heal from all that noise. I thought a few cheese burgers, and pizza would do it. No dice. Btw I also officially have more as yet untreated PTSD from this stuff as well.

Well it'll have to get on line because I've got years of trauma ahead of it that's also waiting for treatment. I may be able to fit it in sometime in 2019 or so.

...take a number, and wait.

Otherwise I'm still the same swell guy I always was. Anything happen while I was away?

Stay Tuned.


  1. Shit, Sidney, you've been through the mill!

    I think you live in the same town as Jamie Dimon. Can't you just rob him? I wish somebody would, and spend it all feeding the hungry.

    Those Occupy Wall Street weenies should have forgotten about asking for handouts and BURNED WALL STREET DOWN.


  2. My sister actually told me when she finally learned from me all I've been through...remember I told no one about the worse that was going on.

    She looked at me, and said, "...Sidney you could have died many times over during all that."

    Yes I could have,...but didn't.