Tuesday, October 18, 2016

"Tis' But a Dream"

A Dream. Yet another meaningful dream. A desert. I'm in a desert there's a war. We there's a "we". We're an armored column. We're either racing towards battle or away from defeat, but we are racing as fast as wheels, and threads can take us.

Our engines are hot over heating. Emotions are high. I'm alone yet not alone in an armored tracked runner. We're kicking dust high into the air. The landscape is rocky sandy hazy hot.

We're passing the wreckage of earlier column's. Ruins of desert towns. The sky is red. Dust storms rise, and fall yet so fast we go.

I bank into a gravel pit nearly loosing treads yet continue on. Over rocky plains like that on Mars...is this Mars? Is this a desert war in the far future on a terraformed Mars?

I'm inside my armored car there 's the static of the coms. Voices indistinct from other units. Also the feeling there's someone with me always. Though now separated from the rest of the column yet still I drive as if chased by demons.

I come upon a village a settlement carved out of the side of a mountain. I pull up onto an escarpment. Dismount, and walk.

I enter this amazing place, and follow a path that leads to open air galleries. There are people here living in peace outside of whatever war I'm caught up in.

There are women ahead of me herding what look to be sheep-like animals. I follow them. They come to a running stream, and pass with their charges through. It's deep the sheep swim, and they up to their shoulders wade.

I should say they're wearing plain white hijab-like costumes with tall blue slender conical sort of head dress fluted at the top.

I follow wading as well.

However I stop halfway through. I look back, and see the top of one of those head pieces behind me. I go back, and see it's a child a little girl. I lift her up, and carry her to the far side.

Unlike the women she's dressed in sky blue. Bright brass seemed imbedded in her arms her face. No not imbedded. These strange lovely designs look as if she was born with them.

She looks at me with a questioning stare.

I hear the roar of the tanks not far away. That, and the tink of cooling metal from my vehicle. These sounds carried by the desert winds behind us.

It begin to rain,...then snow.

This complex detailed dream seems to melt away it morphs into other things other places people.

I awaken.

( The above is the raw dream. Nothing added or subtracted. A complicated story without reason or punchline...just another dream in an ocean of them. I have to think on this one.)

Stay Tuned.

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