Monday, October 31, 2016


Okay what do we see. A person subjected to either little or no meaningful education. A shitty job or no job. It's now residing in China or Mexico. Everything in society against them, and telling them they're nothing. Bills they can't pay relationships down the crappers, and stuck with a fucked up rusty old car.

Yeah I'd be insanely pissed, and blaming all the wrong people too.

Thing is after the election, and their beloved "Huey Long" figure goes back to his golden mansions. What becomes of them? They can't go anywhere. De-industrialization has taken everything away from them. Their children have no futures. They have the exact mirror problems of all the inner cities.

Only now over these past few decades it's hit whites in their millions as well. I remember hearing that "...whatever they do to Blacks they will be doing to 'You' in 20 or so years,...well. 

However this problem remains.

What can be done to bring not only the Inner Cities back from near death, but the vast ruined Post-Industrial White Working Class as well.

Because now they just hate each other, and blame each other for all their problems. As opposed to the forces that really fucked them both over.

This should have been the main national question of the election. That instead of this surreal circus we endured for so long.

Stay Tuned.

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