Saturday, October 26, 2013

"Cathedral of St. John the Divine"

Here are a few snaps of the Upper Westside Cathedral still under construction. More than one Hundred years being built, and likely another Hundred or so to go before it's truly done.

Many of the skilled crafts persons that work the stones live in the area.

One of the stone masons  remarked about the narrow real estate interests which are grabbing local land, and buildings. They're trying to throw the poor into the streets for their profit.

He said in "a hundred years these people will be gone, and forgotten". However "we the poor  will still be here building the Cathedral".

(Click on the images for a larger better view.)

"Sanctus Matris Sator of Somnium "

"Matris of Deus plenus of Venia"

"Heavenly Love"


"Bat Woman, and John Conspire"


I always liked this particular composition I'd cooked up. I was going to use it as a logo for my arts stuff. However a pal pointed out several copyright infringements in all this...damned it they ain't all over this thing. Aw swell.

Then I figured I'd use it anyway, but I heard about this small business guy an artsy crafty guy that got the hell sued out'a him by the big boys for infringements similar to mine.

These greedy bastards got 'NO' sense of humor about this sort of thing.

Soooo, back into the box with my little contrivance up there, well.


"What a Doll!"

"The Rimbaud Parade!"

"Graceful son of Pan! Round your brow crowned with flowers and berries your eyes, precious spheres, move. Stained with brown lees, your cheeks are hollow. Your eye-teeth gleam. Your breast is a cithara, chords chime in your pale arms. Your pulse beats in that belly where a double sex sleeps. Walk, at night, gently moving that thigh, that other thigh and that left leg."

Wow neat stuff up there. Wadda guy that Rimbaud! As I ranted last June Arthur Rimbaud should have a float in the annual so-call "Gai Parade". Ha! Parade my sore'n tired butt.

In fact it's a "Queer Liberation, and We Survived March!"

Yeah I'm no fan of all that "Assimulationist" static. Never mind. Point is there ought to be an Arthur Rimbaud Float in that silly jamboree. I can see it now. Hoards of old poets, and sun bronzed Gay Boy Scouts reciting, and singing the works of our Hero Rimbaud!

All the while drinking wine snorting coke, and sipping absinthe. Just good clean fun for the whole liberated family.

...make mine a double! 



From Susie Creamcheese,

Now this is what a boy is supposed to look like. Is that Binoculars hanging around your neck? 

Bet there is a bunch of treasure in yer pockets, and you're ready to fly with the wind in those sneakers.

 Yes! A Boy on a Mission!


 Susie in one of my dear Facebook friends. She comments above on one of my boyhood snaps. As it happens, and as some of you out there know I in fact did believe I could fly at the time this image was taken.

Children fly, and perform all manner of Miracles all the time,...they just don't always tell us about them.


"Bridal Barbie"

I adopted the Bridal Barbie several years ago, but never took her out of the box. Her gown was just so delicate. Easily rumpled. I used the Ken doll in a bunch of other things, but as I say I let Bridal Barbie sleep in her box.

Well being home all the time now, and still ill from the flu. Good grief I'm only now getting better...two bleeping weeks of this awful noise. Yuck!  Anyway I had a good day so finally took our sweetie out of her box, and took some shots.

It's true Bridal Photography is an outright nightmare! Lighting positioning focus the works. I was actually sweating. 'Don't know if it was another fever or just the hot work.

"....Why Yes I do play with Dolls!"

"Wanna Make Somethin' of It?!"

"Meat on Friday"

 Millions of Roman Catholics, and their attorneys breathed a sigh of relief as news of the demise of the Supreme Being was releases by both NASA,and the Chinese Space Agencies. Floating in orbit about Mars the remains of what many believe to be the "Big Guy" is to be retrieved for examination.

Calculations estimate that although this entity is thought to be you know who he's actually rather petite. Measuring in height no more than four foot eleven. That, and apparently wearing female makeup. News that the Lord of Hosts is not only dead,...and short, but a suspected transvestite, and possibly Homosexual has commentators abuzz with speculation.  

Besides the Lord of Lords floating in Mars orbit the Hubble Telescope also found what seems to be the mortal remains of Godzilla, King Kong, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, and Snow White.

The reality of these characters thought till now to be works of fiction have thrown a rather large subjective monkey wrench into what philosophers had thought was reality. 

We should expect a number of sweaty confused, and incoherent press conferences, and documentaries by theologians comix book artists politicians science fiction writers, and assorted nuts with guns, and whiskey.

Stay tuned to this Blog for further news, and updates.

"Wanted, Gawd,...No Experience Needed"

A follow up on our 'Bulletin' above!  With the passing of the Lord of Hosts in the orbit of Mars a general call has been put out by a Synod of all the major, and wack job religions of the world.

A casting call to the multitudes for the job of Supreme Being.  

On the retrieval, and careful examination of the previous Gawd it was found the he was just some guy. No holy whizbangs whatever.

He apparently was Hatfield Broadjump a former plumper for the Kansas City Department of Mental Hygene. He went missing on his lunch break in 1932, and it seems had been Gawd ever since.

Btw his death along with the deaths of the others found in Mars orbit remains a mystery.

Seems a contract was found in the back pocket of his liquid metal robes detailing the job, and how it's gained, and passed on. According to this document this has been going on forever. Our Gawds are just regular folks chosen at random to care take this end of creation.

Apparently there are other Gawds all over the universe doing the same thing for their patch. As for if there's a Boss of Bosses somewhere we don't know. Which sort of puts us right back where we started in this whole religion gawd thing.

Anyway once the sucker is chosen, and the contract signed, with just a pen. None of that signed in blood stuff for this gig. All that noise is set aside for the 'other' position. Ahem.

Once the mark is signed sealed, and delivered he gets all the powers, and hard times all gawds have to put up with. As the contract sez, "...Chose Carefully.

Well one of the first contestants is the above. A likely young lad named "Jimmy" from Muskrat Dance Saskatchewan. 'Sez he likes animals skate boarding the glee club, and dressing up. In fact he designed the outfit he wore above for his interview.

Humm...has possibilities.

I'll post again on this as more contestants come through.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

"I Always Wanted to be a Geisha"

As I've mentioned on various of my pages current, and nuked. My Grandma used to dress me up in girlie stuff. She especially liked stuffing her old bonnet from the 1920's on my head.

Well back in her day boys, and girls dressed the same so she didn't think it weird to do me up. My Dad was a tad freaked out, and eventually put a stop to it, but for a few years my Granny, and I explored junior cross dressing.

Basically yeah Grandma was trying to turn me into a transvestite. Today she'd be arrested, and shot. What with everything being illegal now. Back then however people had Freedom to do weird stuff...imagine that.

Anyway I guess among other things this is why as a kid I wanted to be a Nun, Nurse, Cowgirl, Ballerina, and yeah a Geisha.

The only drag I'm into these days is my eventual intention to get a re-enactors Civil War Calvary uniform.  The 9th U.S. Colored Regiment. I'm really specific in my fantasies.

Still if I was a kid, and still had my girlish figure I imagine I would do the Geisha thing. My Dad would'a had kittens, but Grandma would have loved it.

Ain't life interesting.

"All Good Things"

I am so sorry, and sad to have to tell you that WBAI radio,, is soon to end it's normal broadcast schedule. Our parent corporation has decided to lease part, in deed perhaps all of our broadcast day to another enity.

I suppose this is because of the extreme complexity of selling us outright immediately.  The funds from the leasing will go to bolster the rest of the five station network. 

WBAI was a unique station for all of it's fifty three years. 

It will be missed.

"From the Heart"

Dove tailing with the "Homeless Jesus" post below. I have to say I've noticed more people giving to those in need on the streets, and public transit. This is different even from a few months ago.

Earlier in the summer...when I began my long walks about town in fact. I was disheartened to see how many took no notice of those asking for alms. I was sitting in Bryant Park, and saw a terrible thing.

The lawn had hundreds sitting reading eating chatting, but for two they all ignored a lady going form person to person asking for food or a few coins.

All but two.

"I was Homeless, and you took Me in."

"I was Hungry, and you fed Me."

"...naked, and you clothed me."

You know the drill. Anyway that day was a bad one for the compassionate heart. I guess it goes in waves. We're New Yorkers, and we don't like being had.

Yeah there's a lot of ringers out there, but com'on we all know the real thing when we see it. Also as for the Park. Most of them ignoring that woman were tourists. 

I've noted that 'they' in particular no matter where they come from have no thought for the very poor on our streets.  Some complicated sociology there perhaps or maybe they're just stingy bastards from the upper middle class of Europe, and Asia.

I think the latter.

Anyway we seem to be in a local wave of compassion for those  in the most need right now. I wish it were like this all the time, but Paradise  takes what it can get when it can get it.

I dig that's it's tough being an Angel 'every day'.

If it can only be managed a few times a month...Cool.

Stay Tuned.

"Swing Comrade Swing!"

Yes Comrades drop your Red Book, and cut a rug Daddy-o! We're Hep Kats of the Peoples Oral Sex La Jazz Hot Jive Army! 


The Great Helmsman said we get a Free Lunch, and we're here to Collect!! ...And we'll have that with fries, and a large Coke to go!

Did someone mention a Free Press no Death Penalty Freedom 5000 channels, and the Five day work week with paid vacation like in France...WE'LL HAVE THAT TOO!!

Fuck all the Bosses, and Let Rock'n Roll!!!

(...a re-run from a few months ago. Hey I like it.)

"Homeless on Earth"

'Jesus The Homeless' Sculpture Rejected By Catholic Churches In Toronto, New York

The Huffington Post  |  By  
The statue is haunting and uncomfortable, depicting a darkly shrouded figure lying huddled on a long park bench. From a distance, the figure could be anyone, and only on close examination are the tell-tale "stigmata," or crucifixion wounds, visible on its exposed feet.

Timothy Schmalz's "Homeless Jesus" isn't your typical depiction of Christ, and it's arresting imagery might have hit too close to home for some Catholic leaders. In fact, the life-size bronze sculpture was rejected by two high-profile cathedrals, St. Michael’s Cathedral in Toronto and St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York, despite initial enthusiasm by rectors.

“Homeless Jesus had no home,” Schmalz told the Toronto Star. “It was very upsetting because the rectors liked it, but when it got to the administration, people thought it might be too controversial or vague,” he said, adding he was told the piece “was not an appropriate image.”
Schmalz told the Catholic Register that his sculpture was inspired, in part, by a homeless man he saw lying on a sidewalk just before Christmas two years ago.

Homelessness is a problem in Toronto, where Advocates marked the city's 700th homeless death -- Stewart Poirier -- in February at a small memorial service. Approximately 5,000 homeless live in the metropolitan area, according to most recent estimates.

In a phone interview with The Huffington Post, the sculptor explained that returning to the city and seeing so many homeless on its corners and benches can be a jarring experience. The December night when he spotted the homeless man who inspired him was a particularly poignant moment, he said. "My instinctive thought was, that is Jesus Christ. I just saw Jesus."

The Ontario-based artist, a Christian himself, said that statue is meant as a permanent reminder of the Bible's Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 25:31-46, when Jesus tells his disciples that when they help the sick, the tired, the homeless, they also help him.
"This is one of the most powerful messages from the Christian religion," he told HuffPost. The sculpture is a "visual translation" of that Gospel.

 Feeling "chagrined" by his statue's initial rejections, Schmalz said he thinks some "higher-ups" in the Church were put off by the "radical" depiction of the man Christians believe is the son of God.

The statue has finally found a home, however, near the entrance to Regis College at the University of Toronto. Regis is a Jesuit school of theology that recognizes that "the intrinsic link between faith and 'doing justice' is central to an Ignatian way of living." The school is also hosting an April 17 panel discussion, centered around the topic of homelessness, to recognize the installation of the piece.

"The mission of our college is to promote critical theology, with advocacy for justice and an appreciation of beauty," Father Gordon Rixon, the dean of Regis College, told HuffPost in a phone interview.
Placed on a prominent corner across from city government buildings, the statue has high visibility, Rixon said, and is a beautiful way to "help interpret our college to the city."

Already, the reaction to the stature has been overwhelmingly positive, with people leaving flowers at its feet and emailing letters of support to the college.

Schmalz said that, in the future, he would like to replicate the statue and place copies around the world. "I think its a sign everyone should read," he said.

Friday, October 18, 2013

"Don't Worry A Sunny Day is Coming"

Oh don't worry Phooh Bear a sunny day is coming, and all will be dry warm, and well.

Umm this assumes that big front from the west doesn't slam into the stagnate high stalled over us. That causing a frigging big ass Tornado that'll blow our asses to hell, and gone.

...we'll get back to you on this.

"Our Little Pal the FLU"

This is one of them flu bugs enlarged two hundred zillion trillion killion times. It was a bunch of little bastards like this that kicked the living crap out'a me for near two weeks now.

Since just before I posted them doll snap shots in the park...scroll down for them they're cute as hell. I'm planning to do a simple doll animation soon btw.

However to my recent adventure.

These evil shits had me down in bed or crapping or puking or gasping for breath. More than once I would'a called 911 for them Emergency Guys to come save my live, but was actually too weak to reach for the damned phone!

Now that's sick.

I live alone too so I could'a died, and no one would'a known till I began to stink the place up. Btw that's how you know someone's bought it in this town or any big town. 

Nobody talks to anybody because they may be a crazed maniac serial head chopper or cannibal. So a nod in the hallway is as far as it goes. In fact for some that goes too far. 

Anyway so there I am puking my guts out, and hemorrhaging nasally all over the yucky yuck yuck. All because these damned little bugs like living in our guts. 

Btw they move around. 

First my chest then head then guts then nasal action which is where all that bloody hemorrhaging came from. I'm just starting to recover. I feel Like I went 20 rounds with a young pissed off Sonny Liston.

Aw man am I wrecked.

Back in the day when I lived with my cousin she'd take care of me. Remember when I said when a loved one a relative or pal takes care you you can taste the love in their chicken soup...well them were the daze.

So here I am now in my new weird life as an increasingly elderly deranged all alone shut-in Queer/Science Fiction/Comix Book/Angel/Faerie/Indian/Chinese food/Mystery Novel fan/Anarchist Commie Pornographer part-time Radio Broadcaster Writer Publisher/Roman Catholic Buddhist/Liberal Democrat Layabout.

Did I mention newly impoverished living on Unemployment/Severance/soon Food Stamps/...the bastards just cut off my insurance so also soon on the  State Heath Plan over at Coney Island Hospital. 

Yeah the same one that was partially washed out to sea during Sandy. Holy shit was that a night to remember!

Swell so far huh.

Still I got it better than Millions that's with a frigging "M"! Millions of other poor slobs in this benighted sad fucked up country. I'm in a semi-progressive State with tons of stuff for the victims of the economy.

I've also got family, and pals that love, and care for me. 

My gawd even my listeners from my radio life send me stuff...I'm supposed to turn all them love offerings over to management. That rule goes back to the payola scandals of the 1950's.

Yeah right!

Fuck them betraying two face shit eating bleep bleepers up their jacks! I'm keep that action...bleep them!

All in all terrifying as it all is I have my roof over my head, and I'm still eating curried chicken. Other than life threatening illness so far so good.

I'll let you know if the Alien Abductions start up again.

Stay tuned.

"Oort Cloud"

The above is not the Oort Cloud, but I like it. The Oort is that cloud of misty debris that encircles our star system. It's also where I am which is why it takes so long for me to respond to your comments, and to put up new posts.

As you know in my new life of retirement I've taken to going on long walks. Well one of these got a bit out of hand. Don't worry I'm on my way back. Should be home any month now.

Stay Tuned.