Sunday, October 6, 2013

"An Angry Letter to the Editor"

Well okay I am the editor around here, but you get the idea. Been thinking about all the poor, and near poor. So many folks here in the land of the dollar egg Mc-muffin is dead bleeping broke. Btw that "muffin" thing is two third's grease, and rat butts. 

Stay clear!

Anyway ya noticed how that issue ain't been on the table for oh....near 50 years. The Poor I mean not the rat muffins. It's all about the Middle Class. A class btw that's quickly becoming the near poor.

Good grief. 

Pity the whole "Occupy" thing fizzled out.  Well okay it didn't fizzle. It was stomped out by an organized campaign by the Feds, and local heat.


Real pity because for the first time in about a half century the needs of the majority of the yokels of our Republic, the poor, and near poor, were being talked about. Nobody has been serious about the needs of the suffering since the Johnson administration.

Poor old "LBJ" if it weren't for his Cold War obsessions which gave us the Vietnam/Indo-China wars he might have been the most beloved President since Lincoln. 

He hated poverty, and wanted to abolish it in this country. He actually said that his goal was to make this the first nation to "eliminate poverty" within its borders.

Can you imagine 'any' elected person..any of them from a first term Congress person to Obama himself daring to utter such a thing. It would be unthinkable. It would be thought a joke.

That's how far off course we've gone.

It's not hopeless, but it's tough as nails to do anything about all this. No wonder everybody's turned inward. Hell so am I. I just rant about my selfish needs, and delusions. Sure that's fun, but still.

Maybe if we put LSD in the reservoir....

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