Saturday, October 19, 2013

"From the Heart"

Dove tailing with the "Homeless Jesus" post below. I have to say I've noticed more people giving to those in need on the streets, and public transit. This is different even from a few months ago.

Earlier in the summer...when I began my long walks about town in fact. I was disheartened to see how many took no notice of those asking for alms. I was sitting in Bryant Park, and saw a terrible thing.

The lawn had hundreds sitting reading eating chatting, but for two they all ignored a lady going form person to person asking for food or a few coins.

All but two.

"I was Homeless, and you took Me in."

"I was Hungry, and you fed Me."

"...naked, and you clothed me."

You know the drill. Anyway that day was a bad one for the compassionate heart. I guess it goes in waves. We're New Yorkers, and we don't like being had.

Yeah there's a lot of ringers out there, but com'on we all know the real thing when we see it. Also as for the Park. Most of them ignoring that woman were tourists. 

I've noted that 'they' in particular no matter where they come from have no thought for the very poor on our streets.  Some complicated sociology there perhaps or maybe they're just stingy bastards from the upper middle class of Europe, and Asia.

I think the latter.

Anyway we seem to be in a local wave of compassion for those  in the most need right now. I wish it were like this all the time, but Paradise  takes what it can get when it can get it.

I dig that's it's tough being an Angel 'every day'.

If it can only be managed a few times a month...Cool.

Stay Tuned.

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