Saturday, October 12, 2013


I was thinking of designing a unique New York style Carrousel. I think I mentioned a few times that I'd really love to run one of them things as an off the books job. 

Thing is it's a closed shop. 

Turns out they're almost all family businesses. The jobs are handed down on the inside generation to generation. So much for that.

However it occurred to me that I could set up my own gig. Yeah, and make it like no other!


The first true New Yorker's Merry-Go-Round! Instead of all them cute horsies rabbits, and assorted fairy tale crap we'll have indigenous local wildlife instead.

Yeah finely crafted sized for adults, and kids cutting school true Gotham fauna. 

Pigeons with them mutated claws, and beat up half chewed off wings that we always see around. Rats all greasy with battle scars, and bloodshot eyes. Giant Water Bugs, and best touch. Likenesses of our beloved Homeless pals.

Yeah these guys will be the most popular I'm sure of the whole bunch. Them, and their shopping carts full of Homeless shit.

See all these swell folks will be on poles going up, and down, and around, and around to music, and sound effects.  

Just imagine being strapped, to a deranged hungry authentic uptown rat.

That or duck taped to wild eyed homeless guy dressed in garbage bags, and cardboard or riding in his crap filled shopping cart or baby carriage. 

For the kiddies a flight on a cancerous mutant pigeon or giant flying Water Bug! All to the music of loud Boom Boxes blasting out early classic Hip Hop. 

This plus the sounds of Garbage Trucks car alarms breaking glass, and screams of pedestrian being clubbed by crooked cops.

A true New York experience!

Man I thinks I got a winner here. They'll be lined up around the block for this action. Especially them touristas hungry for some serious New York shit. 

Especially since Disney totally fucked up Times Square with Tinker Bell, and her crowd.

Yeah so let me shop this around get some backers, and I'll get back to you.

Stay the Fuck Tuned!


  1. Great idea! Might work for a video game arcade too. Those are coming back ya know.

  2. Give me back Times Square and the Deuce the way it was in the 60s and 70s. Fuck this Disney shit.

  3. Give me back the world the way it was in the 60s and 70s. Fuck this Reagan shit.

    1. And Nixon wasn't any friggin' help either! But gotta agree, with Reagan came the tsunami.

  4. You've been on a merry-go-round at WBAI for years. An Andrew Phillips horse chasing Summer Reese around would look nice.

    1. What will the horse do when it catches Summer Reese?