Saturday, October 19, 2013

"All Good Things"

I am so sorry, and sad to have to tell you that WBAI radio,, is soon to end it's normal broadcast schedule. Our parent corporation has decided to lease part, in deed perhaps all of our broadcast day to another enity.

I suppose this is because of the extreme complexity of selling us outright immediately.  The funds from the leasing will go to bolster the rest of the five station network. 

WBAI was a unique station for all of it's fifty three years. 

It will be missed.


  1. I spent my entire adult life at that station. It was my family, and my home. However all things must pass as the George Harrison song sez. It's okay. The world turns life goes on.

    Btw that's one of my t-shirt designs up there at the top. I had a ball!

  2. Yeah... I remember BAI from the 60s when they had absolutely amazing programs. I stopped listening completely when that bitch Utrice Leid tried to take over the station. And it was a far better place before the likes of that ass-kisser extraordinaire, Gary Null, came on the scene. What a pity. At least we still have WFMU.