Sunday, October 6, 2013


One of the deranged fans of my obscure radio program,, suggested that if I really wanted to piss off our dopey management I should change the name of my program to the "Cocksucker's Matinee".

Well there's an idea. 'Like the sound of it. However my un-listened to, and un-paid  show is on at 5:am. 

A penalty box for not playing ball with a previous profoundly untalented, and corrupt program director, but that's another lawsuit for another time.

Still "Cocksucker's Matinee" is a tasty though somewhat salty title. Because of the time slot I've been banished to another name comes to mind "The Jizz Splattered Dawn". Yeah that would work.

Imagine the special effects!

Btw we have a new P.D. these days that seems to like me. So maybe I'll get an afternoon, $PAID, show like I've always wanted. If that happens yeah the "Cocksucker's Matinee" might come in handy. I should trade mark that sticky item before some other greasy bastard steals it.

Stay Tuned.

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