Saturday, October 26, 2013

"Cathedral of St. John the Divine"

Here are a few snaps of the Upper Westside Cathedral still under construction. More than one Hundred years being built, and likely another Hundred or so to go before it's truly done.

Many of the skilled crafts persons that work the stones live in the area.

One of the stone masons  remarked about the narrow real estate interests which are grabbing local land, and buildings. They're trying to throw the poor into the streets for their profit.

He said in "a hundred years these people will be gone, and forgotten". However "we the poor  will still be here building the Cathedral".

(Click on the images for a larger better view.)


  1. Nice looking building. Talk about stick-to-it-iveness, building for over 100 years. Kinda like my temple thingy, if I just had a few fellow-fanatics to work on it with.

    Ya know, I'm starting to get really, *really* down on greedy real estate interests. I'm pretty sick of capitalism and its locust-like destructiveness.

    I hope you're OK Sidney. We haven't heard from you in a while.


  2. Sure I love the Boy G-ds too. However as ya knows I've always had a soft spot in my head for the old Mother G-ddess.

  3. Yeah but what I wanna know is where are I and my fellow heathen demented fanatics - if I can round some up - going to get the real estate to build our temple of Eros and Bacchus on, and who's going to finance it for us? I'm thinking porphyry and marble and gilded ceramic and stained glass, tho styrofoam and Krazy glue are closer to my current budget.