Saturday, October 26, 2013

"Bridal Barbie"

I adopted the Bridal Barbie several years ago, but never took her out of the box. Her gown was just so delicate. Easily rumpled. I used the Ken doll in a bunch of other things, but as I say I let Bridal Barbie sleep in her box.

Well being home all the time now, and still ill from the flu. Good grief I'm only now getting better...two bleeping weeks of this awful noise. Yuck!  Anyway I had a good day so finally took our sweetie out of her box, and took some shots.

It's true Bridal Photography is an outright nightmare! Lighting positioning focus the works. I was actually sweating. 'Don't know if it was another fever or just the hot work.

"....Why Yes I do play with Dolls!"

"Wanna Make Somethin' of It?!"

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