Sunday, October 6, 2013

"Good Dog!"

"Wuff wuff wuff!"

"What's that Lassie?"

"You say that Grandpa is trapped in the Uranium mine?"

"Wuff wuff wuff!"

"He's broke both his legs severed his spine is crapping blood, and puking green bile from radiation poisoning?"

"Wuff wuff grrrr wuff grrr wuff wuff wuff!

"You say we should leave the sadistic old bastard down there to the die the miserable death he deserves for beating sodomizing, and generally fucking us both over for years."

"Wuff grrrrrrr wuff wuff grrrrrr wuff grrrrrrr wuff wuff wuff!!"

"...and we should sell the farm cash in the inheritance go to Vegas get laid, and drunk for the rest of our lives?"


"Good Dog!"

(The above is a post I wrote a few blogs ago. I always like it's sense of rough Justice.)

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