Monday, October 7, 2013

"Hot Chrome ll"

I've been thinking. What if children are right. What if we 'can' be anything we want. What if our rigid notions of reality are not what it seems to be.

My g-d what if we 'can' be anything we imagine!"

I have an idea for a subversive kid's book. I t would revolve around being, and becoming. What would you be...I mean really. The mind boggles.

Me well damn,...perhaps I'd be a 1958 Buick Land cruiser with extra chrome, and one of them insane overblown V-8 gas guzzlers under my hood!

I'd be flying down Route 66 at 120 mph! This on a fine summer's day in 1959 when gas was cheap, and the whole world could kiss our ass! 

We had a zillion H-Bombs, and scads of brand new shiny B-52's to shove them up anybody's butt that gave us a hard time! The world was ours, and we was holding on with both hands!

Fuck'em if they can't take a joke!

Anyways as I say I'm flaming through the American wasteland burning gas, and shooting co2 out'a my this is living. 

"Little Richard" is blasting out my custom Hi-Fi speakers, and I'm being driven by a couple of Queer teenaged Mexican high school dropouts!  These deranged horny sweethearts have just stolen me from a racist part time IRS clerk, and Klansman.

My new owners my hero's are laughing their heads off smoking dope breaking laws, and living the life.  These Tex/Mex mulatto teen Queers is wearing black motorcycle boots dirty white t-shirts with a pack of Camels rolled up in the sleeve.

The wind is singing through their slicked ducktails, and they're flicking butt's out of my windows. The kids is laffing their heads off about that Kluxer they left behind. The chuckle head they "borrowed" me from.

Yeah they did some rough trade bondage with'em.  

The damned Kluxer painted himself in blackface begged for, and got some hogtied grease-less back door action from his teen Masters. ...while they're wearing Klan hoods.

...hey it takes all kinds.

What he didn't bargain for though was being carried out to the lawn, and tied to a tree.

Yep nekkid  hogtied in black face robbed, and his secret stash of big titty black porn spread all around him for his wife minister, and Kluxer pals to find. He will not have a nice day.

A rough kind of justice that.

Me, and my new "owners" are on our way to Vegas to cut a "Do-Woop" 45, and generally raise holy bleeping Hell in the U.S. occupied Mexican northern states of Nevada New Mexico, and Arizona!

Well okay this story might be a tough sell to that stuck up tight assed kid's book market,...fuck'em. I'm giving the kiddies what they really want. Mad dreams fantasies, and good kleen sticky fun.

You get's my point though right.

This is radical stuff, and just what them kids need to live in this blood splattered madhouse of a world. We can be anything we can become unstuck from reality. Dammit we can dream, and make our own damned reality!

What can be more liberating, and dangerous than that?!

Hell come to think of it this book would really be for the parents since kids know all this stuff already.

Stay tuned. 

(This happy trail is a re-write of a little story I did some years ago. Some longtime fans might recognize bits of it. Been going through my slush pile, and this one popped out,...soooo.)

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