Tuesday, May 31, 2016

"Memorial Day"

The other night I was reading the prose of Walt Whitman. In particular his Civil War journals. This below he wrote after his account of the battle of Chancellorsville.

This for "Memorial Day"

Of scenes like these, I say, who writes—whoe’er can write the story? Of many a score—aye, thousands, north and south, of unwrit heroes, unknown heroisms, incredible, impromptu, first-class desperations—who tells?

No history ever—no poem sings, no music sounds, those bravest men of all—those deeds.
No formal general’s report, nor book in the library, nor column in the paper, embalms the bravest, north or south, east or west. Unnamed, unknown, remain, and still remain, the bravest soldiers.

Our manliest—our boys—our hardy darlings; no picture gives them.

Likely, the typic one of them (standing, no doubt, for hundreds, thousands,) crawls aside to some bush-clump, or ferny tuft, on receiving his death-shot—there sheltering a little while, soaking roots, grass and soil, with red blood—the battle advances, retreats, flits from the scene, sweeps by—and there, haply with pain and suffering the last lethargy winds like a serpent round him—the eyes glaze in death.

Perhaps the burial-squads, in truce, a week afterwards, search not the secluded spot—and there, at last, the Bravest Soldier crumbles in mother earth, unburied and unknown.

Walt Whitman.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

"I just found this Old Post"

Dear Mr. President.

Respectfully. You Useless Fucking Bastard. To say you were a Disappointment to us, and indeed the whole damned World is an understatement.

Not only were you a Ball-less Wonder at being that agent of Change...even with all of the power of the American Presidency behind you. You turned out to be triply useless as a War President.

Like the time your Dick fell Off when you seemed to confront the genocide in Syria. Which led to the formation of the Isis maniacs you also are doing 'nothing' about.

I sincerely hope they find a DVD somewhere of you fucking goats. This would be the proper end of your sorry appearance on the world stage.

Every day we're treated to scenes of men women, and now children beheaded shot torture buried alive or otherwise getting the Medieval treatment.

All we get from you is, "...No Boots on the Ground."

That, and you're playing golf.

Yeah I know it's infinitely more complex than that...yet you do nothing. You seem just to want to get out write your book, and go back into obscurity. History is 'not' going to be kind to you pal.

Goodbye, and bleeping Good Riddance.

Yours in Eternal Disappointment, and Contempt,



Your damned dog is fucking ugly as hell! For Christs sakes it has 'webbed' feet. What the hell were you thinking?!! It would have killed you to get a damned beagle?! That, and I want the $50 bucks I donated when you first ran...bleep you!

...Strong letter to follow.

(...Gimme a break I was having a real 'bad' day.)

Stay Tuned.

"But is it Art?"

           Here for all to be amazed, and mystified is my latest work!

                                          "Cow in Truck"

                                             Thank you.


"Self Portraits"

My great feet from around that Obama-Mania time. Heck I voted for'em I thought he was some sort of Saint or Prophet come to drive out the damned money-lenders.

We have all since found out different.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

"The White House in 2020"

Ya know the end of our Republic...the end of America is not actually the end of the world. I mean folks in Mongolia won't notice a thing, and the fucking French will just be more smug.

Sure we'll be fucked coming, and going, but so what. Most of the world is the same right now anyway. This shit will just spread the fun around more evenly. Granted the Crowning  of our pal Trump will be like the 19th century "Know Nothing Party" getting the White House...google them guys.

In the historic scheme of things it's no big deal.  

So another democracy implodes...what else is new. Although yeah this particular imploded "democracy" has enough nukes to fry the world 100 times over. Still what the hell.

We'll still be here rooting around trying with much more difficulty to survive. However the fried chicken will still be there internet porn, and the pizza will mostly still be delivered. 

I mean other than the mass deportations the internment camps the execution of Queers the starvation of the poor the re-institution of segregation and half a dozen countries declaring war on us. Things will more or less be the same. 

It ain't the end of the World.

So cheer up.

Stay Tuned.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

"Aw Crap"

Ya know I had given up on the whole thing. It just emotionally exhausted me. I saw Bernie's crowd as whacked out Cultists, and Bernie as now delusional.

Btw I still think this.

However it turns out our Bernie is the only guy that can beat Trump. It's just a matter of the numbers which are in his favor...he beats Trump by double digits. Hillary may lose by three to five points.
Sure who knows maybe she'll win, and we dodge a Nazi bullet, but get hit by a business as usual one.
This whole thing is so totally absolutely completely fucked up.

Which I why I as you've noticed I kept going back, and forth till I finally just walked out on this insane cock fight.

I'm still more or less out.

I see the Bernie's crowd as having gone nuts, and fanatical. That, and as I say Bernie himself somewhat delusional. Delusional that he'll get the Nod, and out of his mind if he thinks the Machine is going to change for anyone...especially 'him'.

The DNC put Bernie's stuff in their electoral planks?!

They'd exhume Nixon, and one at a time engage in unnatural acts with the Presidential remains in Macy's window at high noon on a sale day before they did that. Sure Hillary may say some nice shit to Bernie at the Convention, but that's as far as it will go. Okay maybe a crumb here or there, but come election day if she wins she'll forget the whole load.

 So there we are.

Stay Tuned.

"A WW-2 Moment"...again.

Okay okay to chill me out let's have a World War Two moment. Back in the day towards the end of the war all sides were feverishly working on next generation war systems.

Everybody was working on jets, and trying to get them to the front as fast as possible. Ironically both the Brits, and Germans had practical prototypes flying just before the war.  

(The German Me-262, and the British Meteor above there.)

However the jerks in charge didn't believe they would be needed so development was retarded till towards the end when everybody was freaking out.

In 1945 the Germans came up with the famous buzz bombs which they used to blow the hell out of London,...again. The Japanese came up with a piloted version. Why who knows..they had a suicide thing going on. 

Go figure. 

Anyway it was as powerful as the "Buzz-bomb", but had less success getting to target.

Whereas the German buzz-bomb was a semi-guided missile launched a few hundred miles from target. The Japanese version the "OKA" or "Baka" had to be flown to near the target area by a medium bomber.

Most of these were shot down en-route to target.

Btw "Baka" means "Stupid" in Japanese. This is the name given this weapons system by American Intelligence.

Serious tough luck for the pilots both of the bomber, and the lucky lotto winner the "Baka" pilot. War profoundly sucks for everybody.


Stay Tuned.

Monday, May 23, 2016

"This Just In"

It's 124F degrees in India. It's only May the summer still hasn't officially kicked in, and these folks are fuck'n Cooked.

Just thought I'd mention.

Temperatures have been more or less stable for the last 11,000 years. To find temps as hot as now or hotter ya have to go back two ice ages to an Inter-glacial period about 125,000 years ago. 

Looks like we fucked shit up pretty good. 

Our fucking around since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution added to the natural flux of climate has given us,...well a death sentence. 

I guess no surprise there since we seemed to have caused the sixth largest species die-off in the last few million years.

On the up side me, and most of the Boomers will be dropping dead soon. So we'll miss most of the fun. People under 40 are in for a hell of a ride.

Sorry kids. 

Gee maybe I should just post pictures of naked people from now on...I mean what with the world ending, and all. I'll see what I can do. 

Cool. Here's a drawing I did about 40 years ago...no more than 40. Anyway he's naked so it's a start. I'll see what else that's legal, and somewhat tasteful I might have hanging around.

Stay Tuned.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

"More Good News"

Three hundred miles above of the Arctic Circle is America’s northern most snow observatory, typically the last place in the nation to see its snow melt. 

As of today, its snow has melted, setting a new (and terrible) record.

NOAA’s Barrow Observatory just confirmed that they’d recorded a snow-melt date of May 13. It’s the earliest recorded snow-melt ever seen in the Arctic Circle observatory—and researchers stationed there are, unsurprisingly, pretty spooked.

“It’s like a train wreck you can’t look away from,” biologist George Divoky said in a statement. Divoky has been observing arctic birds in the area—and he has already began noting changes in their available food supply.

It’s not just snow either.

The quick snow-melt is combined with some equally quick sea-ice melt. The combination of the two has USGS research biologist David Douglas saying that it already looks like summer has arrived.

“It looks like late June or early July right now,” he said, before noting that he had already begun to see polar bears treading carefully to avoid the thinly-iced areas.

Not only is this a first for the Arctic Circle station, it beats the previous record by a substantial margin. The last snow-melt record, which was set in 2002, was a full ten days later.


Stay Tuned.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

"Dog tests Positive for Meth, Heroin"

The dog whose street name is "Bubba" was turned over to Orange County Animal Care (OCAC) and transported to its facility. Police say they were contacted later that the dog may have been under the influence of drugs.

Police reported illegal drugs were found in "Bubba's" hotel room along with used needles. CNN affiliate KCBS/KCAL reports that animal control officers noticed the dog was acting "lethargic."

Wright says Bubba's urine was tested and the results came back positive for meth and heroin.

"This strikes me as pretty horrible." 

"This is not the first time we've heard of someone reporting that an animal has been under the influence," Wright told the affiliate.

Authorities do not know how Bubba obtained the drugs.

"Bubba" in an altered state was unable to tell the police details of the incident. However he did say he was concerned about the "...big orange glowing mice that kept throwing ping pong balls at him."


In further Canine News.

"Bippy" an Iraq War Vet, and unemployed computer programmer was arrested today on charges of threatening the life of an elected official.

"Bippy" was once famed for creating the "Agamemnon" anti-virus program, but then went rouge. Selling his talents to the likes of North Korea Pepsi the Buddhist Mafia, and even the Republican Party.

He was finally brought to justice for threatening the life of the Kansas City Commissioner of the Department of Motor Vehicles. It apparently stemmed from the impounding of his prototype death-ray flying car.

"Bippy" enraged as he was taken for his arraignment. Frothed at the mouth attempted to bite court officials, and incoherently screamed that he would have his "vengeance".

He went on to state that his project was part of a larger plan by the UFO Greys the NSA the Vatican, and the Reptilians to "enslave humanity, and restore the natural order."

"Bippy" was at the direction of authorities remanded to the Kansas City Dept. of Mental Health for observation.

Stay Tuned.

"Republicans are a Hate Group"

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-N.Y.), who's gay, delivers a passionate speech on the House floor in opposition to the anti-LGBT provision in the FY-17 NDAA Defense Bill.

This amendment inserted by the republican majority would effectively overturn all of the protections against discrimination directed at the LGBT community that Obama provided by executive order. 

Friday, May 20, 2016


                                    Can't remember what that kind of joy felt like.
This must mean they're from a country that gives them a secure home medical care a good education people not shooting each other in the street, and cops not beating folks for the heck of it. That, and a government not wasting $Trillions$ on War for 12 years.
Photo by Lasse Nielsen 

Stay Tuned.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

"Listen to your Uncle"

"Another WW2 Moment"

  "Grumman TBF"

I can't explain it. Commie Queer Anarchist part-time Pacifist lay about that I am. I just loves Navy aircraft of WW2. In particular the Grumman TBF torpedo bomber.

(...yeah okay for you fanatics out there General Motors made a version too.)

This sweetheart took big loses in the Battle of Midway it's maiden fight.  It took 80%+!!! Shot out of the sky. Google it...Yikes!! 

The fuckers sent them into a Nipponese Navy buzz-saw without fighter escort!! Insane!!!! However the TBF went on to prove itself during the rest of the conflict. 

I think it's just the look of the thing, and it's bitter early history that attracts me. Oddly enough I've never had much luck building scale models of the damned thing.

It's complex as hell both as a real aircraft, and a model kit. 

Good grief.

Stay Tuned.