Thursday, May 12, 2016

"Texas Wants Out"...again

The State of Texas which was once a republic wants out of the USA. A lot of ink is both wet, and digital is being spilled over this. As fantasies go it's not so imaginative. Heck even Vermont wants to go.

Pretty much 'all' of us want out!

In the case of Texas they want Women back in the kitchen Niggers back in their place, and Queers dead. In other words a return to the natural order.

New York City wants out because,...well we're just better than everyone else. Northern Michigan because their assholes, Vermont because they're just like that. Hawaii because they want their Queen back. Alaska...see Texas, and so on. 

Thing is all this was settled about 150 years ago in "The Civil War".

Texas education being what it is they may not know about all that. Actually as far as 'most' of the country is concerned..."Good Riddance". 

Texas if a Nation State would be a Theocratic Tyranny not unlike Iran just a Christian version. Also in six to 18 months they'll be begging to be let back in as their people starve.

Texas for all it's hatred of Big Government takes in like all the other "Red States" a huge amount of Federal "Welfare". Far out stripping what they pay in. All those red state fuckers do this.

Like it or not we're all pretty much stuck with each other. The most bloody civil war in history even to this day was fought to guarantee that. I'm always a bit surprised that the sweaty masses never exactly got this. 'But then down there they call that war..."The War of Northern Aggression."

Slavery had little or nothing to do with it. The whole thing was just the North plundering the South. 

I have such a headache.

Stay Tuned.


  1. I hope they enjoy being part of México. That's the likeliest eventual outcome. I expect most Texans will wind up slaving for Mexican overlords like Sr. Slim, only with more violence and warlordism.

    From what I've heard, the independence movement in Vermont is run by intelligent people with foresight and prudence, which is totally different.


  2. Yeah the Vermont Secessionist are somewhat saner. They were also like Texas independent for a short time. This just after the Revolution.

    In fact New York invaded them trying to take all it's territory. Eh,...we got our butts kicked.

    As for the Texas republicans who are behind this. Well they're bat-shit nuts what do you expect.

    I'd like to see the ring leaders arrested for sedition which is what this is. However D.C. will ignore these rubes like they always do.

    After a while they'll just go back to raping their daughters beating their wives,and shooting each other.

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