Sunday, May 15, 2016

"More Good News"

I thought I'd just mention that with the melting of the ice packs, and tundra we seem to have awakened some old pals. Yeah looks like the melting has put assorted virus back into circulation.


These aged little guys were dormant, but have woke up mated with the assorted bio-ta all around it, and are back in business. That is they can infect humans, and other current residents of the biosphere.

Researchers are concerned...ha! Ya think?

These tiny guys are 100 to 40 thousand years in the deep freeze, and are now running around loose. Some may be deadly to current taxpayers. So besides everything else we've done to ourselves we've awoken prehistoric flu virus. 

Sounds like a direct to video crappy science fiction stinker only true. Yeah I figured this would be how we check out. We have an industrial era that accidentally starts changing the climate. However when we find out.

...which we did near 70 years ago.

The oil companies found this out in the late 1940's, but sat on it. We found out, but don't change shit. So the temps keep going up the ice fucking melts along with the damned tundra, and a trillion zillion bugs get woke up.

Some of which find us particularly tasty,..."The End"

Wow what a cheesey flick this would make, but it's probably how we'll check out. Swell...just fucking swell.

I'm going back to bed.

Bleep it.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Does this mean if I'm not a taxpayer I'll be okay?