Sunday, May 29, 2016

"I just found this Old Post"

Dear Mr. President.

Respectfully. You Useless Fucking Bastard. To say you were a Disappointment to us, and indeed the whole damned World is an understatement.

Not only were you a Ball-less Wonder at being that agent of Change...even with all of the power of the American Presidency behind you. You turned out to be triply useless as a War President.

Like the time your Dick fell Off when you seemed to confront the genocide in Syria. Which led to the formation of the Isis maniacs you also are doing 'nothing' about.

I sincerely hope they find a DVD somewhere of you fucking goats. This would be the proper end of your sorry appearance on the world stage.

Every day we're treated to scenes of men women, and now children beheaded shot torture buried alive or otherwise getting the Medieval treatment.

All we get from you is, "...No Boots on the Ground."

That, and you're playing golf.

Yeah I know it's infinitely more complex than that...yet you do nothing. You seem just to want to get out write your book, and go back into obscurity. History is 'not' going to be kind to you pal.

Goodbye, and bleeping Good Riddance.

Yours in Eternal Disappointment, and Contempt,



Your damned dog is fucking ugly as hell! For Christs sakes it has 'webbed' feet. What the hell were you thinking?!! It would have killed you to get a damned beagle?! That, and I want the $50 bucks I donated when you first ran...bleep you!

...Strong letter to follow.

(...Gimme a break I was having a real 'bad' day.)

Stay Tuned.


  1. More true today than when you originally wrote this.
    By the way, did you ever get your $50 back?

  2. In fact Obama's record is even worse than just doing nothing about IS. Islamic State is a monstrous lumbering golem homunculus creature of Washington, which means of Obama's foreign policy. Like the Mujahedeen before them (remember them?), it could not have formed as it is without US intervention. Its purpose is to serve as a diversionary red flag and bogeyman to justify whatever crazy overseas intrusions our presidential puppet's neocon masters happen to want to embark on at any given time, according to the dictates of neoliberal globalist control freakery, which is contributing immensely to our swifter ruin, not to mention the never-ceasing violent deaths of thousands of innocent people. There is little reason to hope that this madness will not continue until we're too broke to keep it up.

    But don't let me raid on your sunny day, should you happen to have any. As Marvin the Paranoid Android said, "I'm not getting you down, am I?"


  3. Oh, by the way, Killary will do just the same thing, only maybe even worse, if she gets the chance. Her record along these lines is very well established.


  4. Thanks I feel better already.

    Have you noticed that 'every' candidate running in this round is one sort of insane or other...yeah Bernie too.

    I think this reflects the demented Ideological division this country has been enjoying since the Clinton daze. The far right outraged that they weren't in the WH went nuts.

    Then to make matters worse that Kenyan Reptilian communist Muslim trans-sexual Colored guy had the nerve to be elected.

    Sure he didn't do shit,...but still.

    Well the whiskey, and crack was in the fire then! Thirty plus years of this destructive back, and forth...remember how Bush/the far right stole the WH in 2000?

    Aw man.

    Future historians will group all this into some sort of turn of the century post Vietnam national meltdown. because shit hasn't been right since the early 1970's.

    Now we're on the brink of the "Great Implosion" that was ordained when the last CIA chopper lifted off the Embassy roof in Saigon on a particular fine sunny day.

    The future of this republic is shaping up to be especially interesting.

    Me I'll still be here ranting till they cut the power, and water.

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