Monday, May 9, 2016

" for Mother's Day"

As for Mother's Day. My Mom has been in Heaven for a while. If they gave her wings she'd have a considerable frequent flyer account by now. Still I haven't had a dream about her in a long time. However this morning I had a weird science fiction dream about my passed on brother, my father, and my dog "Brownie". does this mean something?

I hope that means our pets come with us to Paradise instead of some segregated "Dog" heaven.
My Mom came to me in dreams all the time for years after she left. I was so sad that I wanted to leave this Earth too. However she "fixed" that.

I had a vivid "Dream?".

I was in a vast Mall. I was going down a very very long escalator. At the bottom floor was a 1950's style diner. I went in. At one corner was my Uncle Bill sitting at a booth...his eyes were closed.
At another red vinyl booth was my Mom her eyes also closed.

I sat opposite her, and said, "...Mom it's me it's Sidney..."
She said nothing, but suddenly reached across the Formica table, and grabbed both my hands...very tightly.

She began to pull me towards her...

She opened her eyes, and there was Sun Light!

The brightness of the Sun shown from her eyes at me.

She pulled me toward her all the harder.

With effort I yanked away!

The dream ends.

Or rather it morphed into other things as they do.

My Mom saw how much trouble I was in, and came to me to offer a choice. She was saying, along with Uncle Bill without words...

"It's alright child if you want to come over I'm here to take you...choose."

I chose.

I am certain that if I had not let go I would have passed on that night many years ago, and left with my Mother, and Uncle.

Remember,...always choose wisely.

Stay Tuned.

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