Friday, May 6, 2016

"Uncle's Wise Sayings"

  (These are my responses to assorted remarks, and questions from a cousin of mine.)

"Sometimes people can seem mean, and they don't know they're doing it. Life is complex many sided. We sometimes try for Grace, mostly we're just trying to get home alive. We just have to keep to our better Angels as best we can. Do what good we can for others, and our selves, and enjoy being alive as best we can. Because it's short. Life is...very...very short."

("If we got what we deserved none of us would escape the lash"...I think that smarty pants Brit guy Dr. Johnson said that. ...Google him. Me I'd settle for a better cable deal.")

"Sometimes I have the urge to buy at the time I didn't need, and then I'd run into someone that needed it. Another I was at the South Street Seaport Mall. I was about to leave when I had this urge to go up to the outside balcony. 

Well it was a hot humid day, and I thought not. 

However I went anyway. I was surprised how cool it was a nice breeze. So I sat to enjoy it. Well this noisy Staten Island sort family came by...I thought well this ruins it. They 'really' don't like Black people over there. 

Well they were taking pictures of each other for holiday cards I over heard. They drifted further down the balcony...except... for two little boys...tiny little guys they could have sat in the palm of my hand I thought. They were playing at the railing right in front of me, and one being so little began to slip over....get that was slipping to his death. I leapt up, and grabbed him by his legs as he was just going over the other kid began screaming. I pulled the boy back over. 

His family came running hearing the scream. It all happened in a few,and death are like that. So this child will live have his destiny, and affect many thousand of other lives because I was sitting there. 

I've learned this is not that amazing because it seems to be happening all the time we just don't hear about it much. Mysterious ways, and all that. Was this G-d or random chance for those I bought food for that child, and others.

...there was the time I yanked a kid from an oncoming bus, and the was the time others pulled me from the jaws of death as well...more than once, What was it? 

I know this. If you tell the Divinity that you are it's servant all heck breaks lose. I did exactly that many years ago...all heck is still breaking lose. That, and I don't even them folks anymore. Seems we're part time Angels the lot of us. 

A lady asked me just that. She passed out at the Wall Street subway station. I held her in my arms till help came, and she asked me, "...are you an Angel?" I just smiled, and said "help is coming", she said, "...I think my help is already here."

"Ya know I think many will recognize themselves in this stories. Hey weird stuff is going on. The multiverse is nothing if not interesting as heck. It's like one of the writers for that old series "Millennium" wrote, "...We're All Shepherds." 

Stay Tuned.

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