Wednesday, May 25, 2016

"Aw Crap"

Ya know I had given up on the whole thing. It just emotionally exhausted me. I saw Bernie's crowd as whacked out Cultists, and Bernie as now delusional.

Btw I still think this.

However it turns out our Bernie is the only guy that can beat Trump. It's just a matter of the numbers which are in his favor...he beats Trump by double digits. Hillary may lose by three to five points.
Sure who knows maybe she'll win, and we dodge a Nazi bullet, but get hit by a business as usual one.
This whole thing is so totally absolutely completely fucked up.

Which I why I as you've noticed I kept going back, and forth till I finally just walked out on this insane cock fight.

I'm still more or less out.

I see the Bernie's crowd as having gone nuts, and fanatical. That, and as I say Bernie himself somewhat delusional. Delusional that he'll get the Nod, and out of his mind if he thinks the Machine is going to change for anyone...especially 'him'.

The DNC put Bernie's stuff in their electoral planks?!

They'd exhume Nixon, and one at a time engage in unnatural acts with the Presidential remains in Macy's window at high noon on a sale day before they did that. Sure Hillary may say some nice shit to Bernie at the Convention, but that's as far as it will go. Okay maybe a crumb here or there, but come election day if she wins she'll forget the whole load.

 So there we are.

Stay Tuned.


  1. I feel it's better for one's peace of mind to disengage from the whole thing. First, it seems clear to me that at the national level the electoral process is now so corrupt as to be unworthy of our respectful attention, let alone our participation.

    There is evidence that Sanders, the only remotely palatable candidate on offer, is being systematically undermined by the party of which he is supposedly a candidate. If you look on Counterpunch you'll find that the districts where Hillary has been beating Bernie are those where voting machines are most easily hacked. It is reasonable to infer that Hillary's supporters - probably the DNC - are vote-rigging and sabotaging Bernie, the most probable result of which is to hand the country over to Trump.

    Hillary is justifiably hated by many people. She represents a continuation of the present regimen, a transference of wealth from the bottom upward, the ongoing plundering and destruction of what remains of the economy, the destruction of civil liberties, and an insanely violent foreign policy, especially in the middle east. It's noteworthy that some major neocon figures from the Republican camp have moved over into hers.

    As for Trump, it's my impression that the bulk of his support comes from the (mostly) white working class, who have plenty of good reasons to be enraged at the elite consensus represented by Hillary. I also get the strong impression that unfortunately he does not appeal to their desire for justice; he appeals to their desire for vengeance; he appeals to their dark side. Trump is a wild card, nobody knows what he'll do once in office; but I get the very strong impression that he's bad man.

    Hillary is evil. Trump is evil. Bernie is a mixed bag, but clearly preferable to either. I hope he makes it, but expect that corruption of the electoral process will keep him out.

    Personally, I don't intend to participate. Even Bernie, you know, will probably continue much of our crazy policy in the middle east, which involves killing people. I want nothing to do with any of it.


  2. Angels Sprites Faeries Queers Beatniks Artists Gentle Weirdos real Liberals Sweet Pretty Boys Pastry Chefs Kittens, and Puppies all Weep.

    They Weep Wrenching Tears for our World.