Tuesday, September 30, 2014

"This sums up my last few Days."

Btw I'm 'still' alive. Details to follow.

It seems to be a swell combination of a toxic reaction to some meds they're stuffing me with. Some ongoing yuckiness in my assorted guts. Everything came together for a party, and that was it...lights out. My sister as usual saved my worthless butt again, and got me to the hospital.

 Notice my ride..."Senior Care". Swell guys let the whole world know I'm a sick old guy..thanks. 

Anyway I got to Bellevue...yeah 'that' Bellevue. There a team of 11, and 12 year old Doctors, and Nurses poked me everywhere..., and I mean "everywhere". I got nice IV's...love IV's. There's a short story in there somewhere.

 Also saw some prisoners from Dept of Corrections. 

They have a jail holding area for these poor bastards. I mentioned to one of the cops why they had to chain up this one really old guy...for Christs sakes it seemed too cruel. Cop said the old fella just stabbed two people. ?/!!!!!!. Good grief!

I kept fading in, and out Heard them kiddie Doctors discussing what the hell was wrong with me,...they weren't sure.


Then I fade out. I'd come back to with my sister's sweet face over me telling me about the Art Classes she had enrolled me in...out. 

Come to once more see the prisoners all chained up...thought it was a dream at first. 

Seems the guys over on Rikers,...the Emerald City's own Devil Island like killing each other to pass the time. Kids I'm tell'n ya you don't wanna go there. Nope not even on a day trip to feed the animals...don't go if what I saw of them scary rascals is anything to go by.

 I remember well the last time this happened. 

I faded out in the Newsroom of that station I foolishly gave decades of my stupid life to. Even the Manager the same bastard that kicked me out later seemed "somewhat" concerned. More in that he was afraid I'd barf all over the nice rugs. ...da jerk. 

What I remember from both these adventures are ceilings, and the sky. You're being rolled down hallways, and out on the street. Sky, and moving ceilings. There's a poem in there. or a short video.

Anyway reality came to me in small scoops.

Sort of like listening to radio stations while on the Interstate. One little teapot station fades out, and another just as crappy, but with a different underpaid announced or presenter for you folks in the Common Wealth fades in. 

Same dishonest commercials to get young guys to join the bleeping Marines though.  

I've got some new meds to cure what the old meds did to me. Sort of like giving the Native Folks cures for diseases they didn't have till we showed up.

Mostly I sleep.

More mayhem to follow when I get better. Anyway I'm a total ham as ya knows. So lets have some Sympathy comments fer Christ's Sakes. Com'on I 'know' that's what 6 or 7 of you folks out there. That or Clap like frigging Hell or Tinkerbell over here will kick da bucket!

I loves ya all! 

Stay Tuned. 

(...Sorry for the small font. I was too dizzy to bother changing it.)

Yeah pretty fucked up alright. Btw these are the 'nice' pictures. It got seriously disgusting after this, but I'm holding them pics off till my Memorial. 

I'm having giant 8 foot by 16 foot glosses of them awful things done for that show!

Yeah the last words heard at my party will be, "...HOLY FUCKING SHIT! 'You see that Fucked Up Action up there?!"

'Course I mean all this in a Nice way.

Right,....now you can bleeping Stay Tuned!

Monday, September 29, 2014


 I was just reading stuff from old blogs of mine. This piece below is from when I was Homeless for just over a year. It refers to how my former life was melting away, and something else was replacing it.

(...above are two photos I took while Homeless.)

"My former life is becoming an echo of an echo. Everyday it vanishes a bit more, and is replaced with the present. An eternal present."

"I'm changing."

"Time, and place are not what they were. This is a new world with a new up, and down. A new wet, and dry."

"I have just been born."

Stay Tuned.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

"It's Dark, and Getting Darker"

America has a strange "Culture of Imprisonment". We're about 4% of the world's population, but have 25% of  the world's prison inmates. Something that Joe Stalin or Pol Pot would be proud of.

We lock up young kids too. We even have a tradition of executing them sometimes. 

Especially if they're Black.

Child prisoners are not uncommon. The above illustration is 'not' an exaggeration. I think we've all seen pictures of kids in orange in the news, and on TV. As I said just now thing is they're mostly Black or very poor White kids.

So who cares.


Stay Tuned.

"Now We're Getting Somewhere"

( Destroying ISIS and their hateful ideology against women all at the same time! Check out this female fighter pilot from UAE leading the bombing blitz against the terrorists!) http://fxn.ws/ZehCwi

Get that this is a Woman fighter pilot from an Arab country, U.A.E., kicking the living crap out of them Genocidal Maniacs. This is how it should be done.

It's 'their' region they can take care of it themselves...mostly.  

This is 'Seriously' Cool! Now we're fucking finally getting somewhere!

Stay Tuned. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

"Farewell to Summer"

Well with October staring us in the face we might as well kiss Summer goodbye or good riddance depending on how much you like humidity. What with global Climate change we get just a bit more than an extra month of summer heat in many parts of the world.

Good for the growing season in the short term. A disaster in the long what with expansion of deserts melting of glaciers shifts in animal, and insect habituation, and all that fun stuff that spells Doom in the long run for most of us.

Still I look forward to Fall.

I've always liked that coming time of year. The winds are crisp cool, and scented. Sort'a still mostly, and the skies are deep blue. Loves that. When I'm more ambulatory I'll start taking them long walks around the City as I did last fall.

I'll take snaps, and annoy'n bore you all by posting them here. I would post naked people, and stuff. In fact I wanted to put up some skinny dipping scouts for this post, but don't feel like getting deleted again.

Besides there's plenty of naked people online so ya don't need me for that.

I'll be back later,...need to lay down for a spell.

...oh bleep it!

Here's a skinny dipper after all. I think he's modest enough even for blogger. "So long summer don't let the door kick you in the butt on ya way out!"

Stay Tuned.

"I Don't Look Good Naked Anymore"

(...and 'here's Why!)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

"The Mouse is Pissed"

Mickey is one pissed off rodent these days. Not only have those bastards at Disney extended their illegal copyright over all his work for the next 100 years. He was planning to give his stuff free to the world to screw with all they liked. As he said, 

"...Art Belongs to Everyone!"

Not so with the greedy corporate sociopaths that run the country, and indeed the World!

Not just this, but the Polar Bear bust was the last straw!. This as the People's Mouse said at the "Fictitious Characters Congress" in Mexico City. 

"The time has come for 'Toons, and all imaginary beings from literature to act on behalf of the very Earth itself!"

"Them damned hairless monkeys have pushed Nature too far, and it's time out of sheer survival that we take matters into our Technicolor hands!"

Though Mickey acknowledges that the bulk of humanity are in general agreement with 'Toons that the Earth is in grave danger, and steps must be taken. Witness the near half million folks that on a rainy day marched for Eco-Sanity.

Despite this sez Mickey, "...The time has passed for mere reform. We're dead ducks,..eh no offense Donald. We 'Toons have a unique position in society, and it's time we used it."

"We enter the human psyche in a million subtle ways 24/7 365, and now we're going to use that advantage to save what's left of our World!"

Just what Mickey, and the World of Toons have in mind they're holding close to the chest. There are rumors of something called the "Toon Bomb". Goofy in an unguarded moment during an interview on "Meet the 'Toons" last Sunday let slip the term. 

When asked for an explanation he was hurriedly removed from the studio by his handlers.

"Ya damned moron you trying blow the deal?!" was overheard from one as they quickly left the facility, and drove away in a convoy of black SUV armored cars.

As for what this means we can only watch, and wait.

We return you now to "Sweetness, and Light" which is already in progress.

Stay Tuned.

"WW-2, P-51 Mustang"

(The P-51 Mustang. The top illustrations are of captured planes. These were used by the Luftwaffe to train their pilots tactics against this high performance Allied fighter.)

(...This video is best watched in full screen mode.)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

"Polar Bear Busted by Heat!!"

While exercising his First Amendment right to call the Greedy Plunderers of Wall Street the Gang of Evil Buttholes that they are. Our hero,...name with-held pending hearing, was ruthlessly taken down by the unthinking servants of wealth!

These bullies once again acting against their 'own' best interests committed yet another act of brutality against the Masses...that you'n me.

Sometimes 'one' picture tells da whole damned story.

No need to buy long boring books by hairy commies annoying professors with tenure or watch another of them dreary PBS things about how the world is ending.

Just the image of a Polar Bear being busted on Wall Street for protesting the Corporations that are gleefully melting his home is enough.

In the old daze this image would have been an Album Cover...maybe for the Stones. However today it's a rallying cry for against the Bizzaro World we've stumbled into. Certainly it unwittingly shows how fucking nuts the whole shebang has got.

Right, you wake up turn on the TV...never a good idea...waking up or watching TV. Anyway there you are, and the first thing you see is a Polar Bear in cuffs.


"Da fuck is dis" you think!

Yes gang we're living in a Surrealist Dadaist home movie that no one knows how to turn off.

It's gonna get a zillion times worse,...and funnier before it even thinks about giving us a break. Do like ya dear old Uncle. Stock the Bleep up on Bottled Water Cheese Doodles Milky Ways Shotgun Shells Beans Porn,...and lots of it!

One of them portable chemical crappers might be a good idea too!

"Watch the Skies Boy's, and Girls...WATCH THE SKIES!!!"

Stay Tuned.

"Footage of Bear Bust!"

I don't believe this Shit. Is nothing Fucking Sacred!! What are they gonna give Minnie Mouse a rectal probe during a perp walk. Beat Pinocchio to splinters with with rubber hoses? Do a fatal choke-hold on bleeping Snow White as well?!

I tell ya Comrades when the Revolution starts to look like an S&M Situation Comedy ya know da time is Near!!

To da Streets Comrades to da STREETS!!

Stay Tuned.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

"Nature Boy"

"Mr. Machine"

Well if Mary Shelly, author of "Frankenstein" had an "Erector Set" she would have made one of the above. Yeah it's our old pal "Mr. Machine" from IDEAL (tm), ca. 1960.

As I recalled they flooded local kid shows with the all too memorable commercial seen below. The jingle is branded onto what ever blob of chemicals in my brains that carries old toy commercials.

...or is it more decentralized than that?

I mean is crap from 1950's TV mixed in with random sights from this afternoon in the memory stew? Any neurologist out there care to clear this up?

Anyway I was a working class kid so didn't get every fad toy that came around,...okay a few, but not this one. Also I didn't ask. I was after all Ten years old, and too grown up for the likes of our pal here.

What I wanted, and eventually got was a fossil set from the Natural History Museum. My Uncle Louis got it for me. I still have one of the items.  An inch long Trilobite I named "Frankie".

Thanks Uncle!

This isn't "Frankie", but it looks pretty much like him. Come to think of it they all look much the same. Sort of like Pandas Mice or People. Anyway I wish I had one of them "Mr. Machine" guys especially now in my yucky sick old age.

It would give me something to play with. Btw you ever had that Time Machine fantasy where you could go back, and not kill Hitler or certain school yard bullies, but to get stuff?

You know kid "Stuff". 

The kiddie things you always wanted, but couldn't get, and they don't make anymore or are 'still' too expensive. Only this time at antique auctions or Comix Book conventions.

I'd get back there, and scoop up assorted comic books. Not to get rich off of at current auction, but to read, and enjoy in first edition crispness. I'd get them, and various lost treasures of our common vanished Kidhoods.

Btw yeah since you ask I'm still sick as a damned dawg! That, and the species is still destroying itself, and the world as fast as it can be arraigned.

Don't worry I'm working on it.

Stay Tuned.


Monday, September 22, 2014

"Bob the Bunny...still on the Job!"

Our hero...see posts of his adventures from July, and August to catch up. Ahem...our Hero Bob the Bunny (tm) continues his never ending vigil against the forces of evil, and boredom.

Bob is seen above about to polish off another jug of ice tea to fortify himself for his heroic duties.  After that he'll read his email talk to pals on the phone, and watch old episodes of the "Phil Silvers Show" on YouTube.

Then he'll take a nap.

He'll get around to fighting evil sometime later in the afternoon or evening or perhaps tomorrow.

Bob the Bunny seen above during his recent "research" junket to Vegas. He found the steaks at the Pope Pius the XII Casio to be delightful, and the carrots above average.

Other than a few shoot outs with the Posse Comitatus a possible abduction by them UFO saucer guys a Heroin binge, and several days of unprotected sex he said the trip was "uneventful".  

Stay Tuned.

"Have a Nice Day"

I'm very happy that near a Half Million folks came out for the "Climate Change March" here in the Emerald City. Like I said to pals..."Looks like I missed Woodstock again."


Unfortunately here's the real skinny on the "Global Climate Change" deal. As some researchers have been quietly saying it's 'already' too late. Yeah comrades ya heard right. We're fucked, and that's that.

The Greenies could have every wet dream scheme of theirs come true, but it won't change shit.

You could turn off every appliance shut down every power plant  close up every mine stop every clear cut of our forests junk every car go live in what's left of the woods eat grass fuck weasels, and sleep in hollowed out logs, and it still wouldn't mean bleep.

Comrades as many of you suspect the famed "Tipping Point" of the planetary balance was reached back in the last century.

Drastic climate change is here, and ongoing.

For heaven's sakes just go to YouTube, and punch up climate fuck-ups for the last 20 years or so. Believe me you'll get an eyeful. 

Okay don't like popular hysteria...fine. 

Then use the thing you're on now to look up government, and scholarly works on the subject. Granted not as much fun as watching cities, and towns get washed out to sea, but it'll tell you basically the same scary story.

We're Fucked.
On the 'up' side this doesn't mean the end of our species. Not a chance. We're too mean, and stupid for that. Com'on we're nature's bipedal roaches. 

We can take 'anything'. 

We're the guys that made it out of the last "Ice Fucking Age" in better shape than when we went into it...not bleeping bad for hairless or mostly hairless monkeys huh?

Btw we also made it through decades of a Volcanic Winter that wiped out 99% of us about 70,000 years ago. Look that jazz up. We were reduced some eggheads think to as little as a few thousand to a few hundred females capable of bearing children.

Thank you Great Grandma!!

Some think this was the origin of Matriarchal Societies, and G-ddess worship...sounds likely. 

We held up in caves on the east coast of South Africa till the coast was clear, and we could spread out from Africa...again. This is also why there's almost no genetic drift amongst us. 

We the whole stinking fucked up lot of us are descended from that precious handful of swell ladies. 

We're all first cousins. 

I love shoving this fact into the faces of bigots white, and black...gives me a cute chuckle.

So don't worry.

Yeah the world 'is' fucked, but we're probably going to stick around in some form. Not as many for sure. Not as comfy for 'damned' sure. So enjoy the pizza getting delivered the cable your car the subway the routine of civilization while you can.

However prepare your grand kids for a very Long very Nasty Dark Age that's even now coming down your block.

Otherwise have a nice day.

Stay Tuned. 


Sunday, September 21, 2014

"Islamic Dolls"

Actually these are just regular Barbie dolls that an artist  turned into Islamic dolls. An act that in some of the nuttier Islamic states could get you imprisoned executed or a hand amputation.

We live in seriously insane times. 

Not unlike the era od European Christian religious wars. Back then they were doing much the same thing as some of today's Muslims. Com'on Jews Christians, and Muslims are all people of the Book.

We actually are praying to the same g-d read the same first five books of the Torah Bible or Koran. Same prophets same Angels, and the same Satan.

'Course this doesn't stop us from butchering each other, and ourselves. For heaven's sakes there are Orthodox Jewish groups in my neighborhood that on the border line of shooting at each other. As a child all the crap between Catholic, and Protestants was alive, and well.

I was forbidden by Church edict from attending Protestant services on pain of Mortal Sin...yeah right.  Totally insane. Btw amongst American Black Muslims there are the same divides as in the Middle-East. They just not shooting at each other for now.

What I'm getting at is that this era of warfare is just a continuation of the ancient Civil War amongst the "People of the Book".

Totally nuts.

I'm thinking of joining the Church of Elvis. They're on the whole harmless...or mostly harmless. Actually maybe I'll just mind my own Cosmic business. Ya know be at awe at the Mulitiverse, and leave it at that.

Stay Tuned.

"It Followed Me Home"

"It followed me home,...can I keep it?!"

"Can I ?!"

"Can I ?!"

"We can put it in the Bathroom!"


"Now remember like we talked...don't eat the Cat or Daddy."

"eh,....how about the Dog?"

"Yeah you can have the damned Dog screw'em"

(...from such do network comedies come.)

(...humm maybe I could pitch this to "Showtime" or "Nickelodeon".) 

                                     "...I think I ate the Cat"

 Stay Tuned.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

"Cat Dream"

Oh if only by clicking my Ruby slippers three times I could make a big Happy Cat appear in my digs. Umm...with 'all' her shots catnip toys, and no serious desire to eat me.

Yeah this 'could' be trouble down the line, but I'm sure me, and Kitty can work it out.

Stay Tuned.

"HELL, and More HELL!"

Our world is an over boiling pot of shit, and innocent blood. Truly we are equaling the misery in 2014 that our great grand parents saw in 1914. Pestilence, and Genocidal Warfare  wherever we look.

Okay not everywhere.

My block is quiet so far. In fact most of us in the west are sitting pretty. As sick fucked up, and broke as I am I'm doing swell. Certainly compared to the literal Billions that don't even have access to fresh water.

Yeah I said "Billions".

Hell even me even someone with all my problems is living like an Imperial Pasha compared to most human beings running about this sad world today. 

Heck my biggest problem at the moment is that I can't get the cable channels I want. That, and I'm facing an insurance paperwork nightmare to fix my Meds problems.

Naw don't feel sorry for me,...though I can use all the sympathy I can get. As bipeds go on this hell-hole world I'm fine thanks. I'm just having a spiritual mental meltdown at all the oceans of blood being gutted out of my fellow proles around the world is all.

So music I'm listening to a lot of music.

Listen to some of Patrick Cassidy's "Deirdre of the Sorrows". Good stuff in there. It's the whole album...I figured what the hell. Post the whole bleeping thing.  

...you can pull out which ever part you like.

If I were still a person of religious faith I'd be praying like Hell to whoever bothers to listen. I have no idea if there's anybody out there or if there is do they give a rats ass about us, and our self-inflicted blood splattered mayhem.

I think if there is this "Esteemed Presence" wants us to fix our madness on our own. Seeing as how we all have everything we need to do just that. The "BIG GUY" chooses not to stick Her finger into our messy pie.

So yeah 'we' can fix this.

It's actually easy, but you know how shit is. People are basically insane always were always will be, but we have these moments of clarity. Like when we invented ice cream, and jokes. Stuff like that which keeps the whole stinking lot of us going.

So we need the simplicity, and vision of the folks that invented the ball-point pen or comic books shit like that. Naw no big deal with guys in robes at the U.N. or nothing.

Just real simple stuff like, "...Hey lets stop chopping off heads, and get high instead,...anybody got chocolate brownies?!

Stay Tuned. 

"Deirdre of the Sorrows"


"A Song of Thanksgiving"

I've been listening to this piece by Vaughan Williams over, and over recently. It's bright, and hopeful. Just the sort of noise I need these daze. Sure it has a Christian lens so what it's still bright.

Vaughan Williams originally wrote this to celebrate the end of the Horrors of the Second World War.

Most of Williams stuff is seriously swell. 'Been into it since I was a kiddie. My Uncle Louis had old 78rpms of his works. He also had tons of Swing sides too, but his straight stuff was neat as well.

If you have 15 minutes, and are of a mind for this sort'a thing put on headphones, and listen.

Stay Tuned.

Friday, September 19, 2014

"Music Dreams"

"Boccherini~Streets of Madrid",...handy short family pack version

"Boccherini Long Fun Version!"


India Ink!  While doing my "back to school" shopping a few weeks back I forgot to buy India Ink. This for my "Cartooning, and Cartoon Story Telling" class upcoming at the "92nd street Y".

When I was a kiddie we used India ink pens. They came with cartridges of ink ya had to put in them. Ball point pens were forbidden...????  Still don't know why other than they were new, and might be the tools of Satan.

I went to Catholic school...nuff said.

Anyway the desks we sat in had actual ink wells built into to them. The school was built in 1912, and these were the original desks. Complete with carved graffiti from the early part of the 20th century.

Amazing that.

The place is 102 years old now, and still turning out semi-literate basket cases. Tradition is a very important thing! Anyway if I'm feeling better during the week I'm off to get some small bottles of dear old India Ink!  

Seems in the end we somehow always return to where we started.

Stay Tuned.
(I drew the above Faerie back in the late 1970's using a metal nib pen, and some venerable India Ink. I later went on to gel pens. They're cleaner, and far easier to use.)

(However as I mentioned once it looks like my art instructor is a traditionalist, and will insist on "Nib, and India!")

(...oh my.)