Friday, September 12, 2014

"He's Dead Jim"


Had a real busy'n full day. 'Was at the hospital getting poked drained prodded, and talked over in the third person. It seems I'm still alive,...though very tired.

Medicaid is swell. All old bleeps get it, and that means me. They pay for everything. I even get carfare home. Just like in them Welfare Nanny State countries Americans hate so much. No wonder the evil Tea Party wants to abolish it.

Me I loves the heck out of it.

Well I'm full of meds all polished, and ship shape. They say my health is improving. I asked, "...does that mean I'm not dying as fast as I thought". With a straight face my Doc simply sez, "Yes".

I likes a guy that don't mince his words.

I further asked. "Look Doc if I was going south you'd tell me right".

"Of course." Sez my young healer.

He looks 12 for craps sake, but then these daze everyone looks that way to me. Anyway that's this weeks medical adventure. 

Now to sleep. 

Stay Tuned.


  1. Hang in there Uncle! I just recovered my bookmarks and was able to reconnect to this site. Stay the course!

  2. Don;t you wish Doctors today would at least get through puberty BEFORE they get through med school. It's tough when the doctor treating you could just about be your grandson, for crap's sakes.

    Take care,


  3. Greetings dear Comrades! Thanks for posting. Well so far so good. Though one of the sack of pills they gave me made me sick as last time. I called, and they set a smaller dosage.

    Imagine me not able to stand drugs. When back in the day I snorted, and smoked 'anything' I could find!

    Yes gang be sure to bookmark this shop of horrors..same happens to me. I lose connection with my favorite sites. As for child's child cops bus drivers firemen shop clerks, and Nuns. I saw on of them gals uptown that look not 12, but more likely 11. Holy Mother Church will take anyone breathing these daze!

    Stay Tuned.

  4. Uncle Sidney...