Wednesday, September 24, 2014

"Polar Bear Busted by Heat!!"

While exercising his First Amendment right to call the Greedy Plunderers of Wall Street the Gang of Evil Buttholes that they are. Our hero, with-held pending hearing, was ruthlessly taken down by the unthinking servants of wealth!

These bullies once again acting against their 'own' best interests committed yet another act of brutality against the Masses...that you'n me.

Sometimes 'one' picture tells da whole damned story.

No need to buy long boring books by hairy commies annoying professors with tenure or watch another of them dreary PBS things about how the world is ending.

Just the image of a Polar Bear being busted on Wall Street for protesting the Corporations that are gleefully melting his home is enough.

In the old daze this image would have been an Album Cover...maybe for the Stones. However today it's a rallying cry for against the Bizzaro World we've stumbled into. Certainly it unwittingly shows how fucking nuts the whole shebang has got.

Right, you wake up turn on the TV...never a good idea...waking up or watching TV. Anyway there you are, and the first thing you see is a Polar Bear in cuffs.


"Da fuck is dis" you think!

Yes gang we're living in a Surrealist Dadaist home movie that no one knows how to turn off.

It's gonna get a zillion times worse,...and funnier before it even thinks about giving us a break. Do like ya dear old Uncle. Stock the Bleep up on Bottled Water Cheese Doodles Milky Ways Shotgun Shells Beans Porn,...and lots of it!

One of them portable chemical crappers might be a good idea too!

"Watch the Skies Boy's, and Girls...WATCH THE SKIES!!!"

Stay Tuned.


  1. Outrageous. It's an animal rights violation!

  2. An Outrage indeed!!

    I tell you there shall be an Angry! letter to "Times" on this account. Oh my what has the world come to!