Friday, September 19, 2014


India Ink!  While doing my "back to school" shopping a few weeks back I forgot to buy India Ink. This for my "Cartooning, and Cartoon Story Telling" class upcoming at the "92nd street Y".

When I was a kiddie we used India ink pens. They came with cartridges of ink ya had to put in them. Ball point pens were forbidden...????  Still don't know why other than they were new, and might be the tools of Satan.

I went to Catholic school...nuff said.

Anyway the desks we sat in had actual ink wells built into to them. The school was built in 1912, and these were the original desks. Complete with carved graffiti from the early part of the 20th century.

Amazing that.

The place is 102 years old now, and still turning out semi-literate basket cases. Tradition is a very important thing! Anyway if I'm feeling better during the week I'm off to get some small bottles of dear old India Ink!  

Seems in the end we somehow always return to where we started.

Stay Tuned.
(I drew the above Faerie back in the late 1970's using a metal nib pen, and some venerable India Ink. I later went on to gel pens. They're cleaner, and far easier to use.)

(However as I mentioned once it looks like my art instructor is a traditionalist, and will insist on "Nib, and India!")

(...oh my.)

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