Tuesday, September 23, 2014

"Mr. Machine"

Well if Mary Shelly, author of "Frankenstein" had an "Erector Set" she would have made one of the above. Yeah it's our old pal "Mr. Machine" from IDEAL (tm), ca. 1960.

As I recalled they flooded local kid shows with the all too memorable commercial seen below. The jingle is branded onto what ever blob of chemicals in my brains that carries old toy commercials.

...or is it more decentralized than that?

I mean is crap from 1950's TV mixed in with random sights from this afternoon in the memory stew? Any neurologist out there care to clear this up?

Anyway I was a working class kid so didn't get every fad toy that came around,...okay a few, but not this one. Also I didn't ask. I was after all Ten years old, and too grown up for the likes of our pal here.

What I wanted, and eventually got was a fossil set from the Natural History Museum. My Uncle Louis got it for me. I still have one of the items.  An inch long Trilobite I named "Frankie".

Thanks Uncle!

This isn't "Frankie", but it looks pretty much like him. Come to think of it they all look much the same. Sort of like Pandas Mice or People. Anyway I wish I had one of them "Mr. Machine" guys especially now in my yucky sick old age.

It would give me something to play with. Btw you ever had that Time Machine fantasy where you could go back, and not kill Hitler or certain school yard bullies, but to get stuff?

You know kid "Stuff". 

The kiddie things you always wanted, but couldn't get, and they don't make anymore or are 'still' too expensive. Only this time at antique auctions or Comix Book conventions.

I'd get back there, and scoop up assorted comic books. Not to get rich off of at current auction, but to read, and enjoy in first edition crispness. I'd get them, and various lost treasures of our common vanished Kidhoods.

Btw yeah since you ask I'm still sick as a damned dawg! That, and the species is still destroying itself, and the world as fast as it can be arraigned.

Don't worry I'm working on it.

Stay Tuned.



  1. He's a prophecy of who we were destined to become. Now they've stuffed him full of silicone like Carol Doda, and he makes robo calls for the usury industry.

    I'd take my time machine back to 1967 through '72, and I wouldn't come back.


  2. I remember Mr Machine. But not that ad.