Tuesday, September 9, 2014

"VOTE for Bob the Bunny (tm)"

It's Primary Day in the Emerald City! Write-in Comrade "Bob the Bleeping Bunny!" He understands the working slob like no other. He's a sock puppet, and has had a hand up his butt all his life.

So he knows how the little guys get bleeped!

Bob will end "Stop, and Frisk" "Extra Judicial Executions", and assorted low'n mean harassment of cartoon characters dolls puppets, and assorted ethnic religious, and orientation oppressed folks!

Bob stands for the Living Wage Free Tuition Free Health Care, and the ever elusive Free Lunch...with desert!

"Bob the Bunny" seen here with famed "Coney Island Barbie". Bob supports the total renovation of the historic Coney Island District, and the restoration of the Foot Long Hot-Dawd along with the immediate re-construction of the beloved "Steeple Chase!"

The destruction of that by the evil 1% property interests was second only to the desertion of the Brooklyn Dodgers in Breaking Brooklyn's Heart!

So Vote Bob...He Knows What it's like to be totally BLEEPED!

Stay Tuned.

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