Wednesday, September 10, 2014

"Season Change"

Sometimes one can actually tell the moment when the season changes from one to the next. Fall came this evening. Mind you it'll likely hit 90f again, but it still changed.

I was in mid-town wandering about. It's good for my health to get out, and about. Thanks to the MTA this is an easy thing to do. 'Still abit dizzy, but still good to go. Well there I was at the corner of 44th Street, and B'way when I felt it.

The breeze was still warm yes, but, wait for it, there was a very noticeable 'cool' edge to it. It was a fall breeze not a summer one. So we've turned seasons.


This like seeing meteors makes one feel part of the Big Show. The multiverse'n all that. Speaking of lights in the sky. Not long ago I saw a bright coppery green shooting star flash over, and behind the Empire State Building. I didn't get the shot.

Just as well things like that aren't meant to be captured. They're to be remembered, and pondered on. 

You folks be good to each other out there.

Be back after a bit.

Stay Tuned.


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