Tuesday, September 16, 2014


"Heroin" by the Velvet Underground is a song from the pit of my soul. 'Never a Heroin Addict, but was married to just about everything else in my time. At my memorial I want this played.

Ha! Deal with that as you go into the guests hall to eat them little dried out ham sandwiches, and stale cokes that are always the fare at these things.

Thank g-d, and the CIA for all the drugs I used back in the day...couldn't have made it here without them. They took me to the very edge of Death, and brought me back to tell the tale.

What Buddhist monk wouldn't give his prayer beads for a taste of that! I had the shit delivered. Middle Class self destruction if you please.  As for my Cocaine daze..well I was in the upper circles.

Diplomatic pouch grade shit if ya wanna know. Being a broadcaster had it perks back in the day. Good grief I'm talking 90 to 100 percent pure. Yeah I hear you say 100% is 'not' possible.

Um,...actually it is.

I had a shit load of it I'm here ta tell ya! Best shit this side of Hell. It made all the wounds heal all the demons melt away. Just like in this song.

As for Heroin except for snorting some a few times not my cup of meat. For one the "Vomit Barrier", and the other my dislike of needles put me off. Especially since at the time we were just finding out AIDS came as a free extra sometimes.

I do Not! renounce my Drug era. Those Insane days, and nights, and months, and years! No more that a soldier would ever renounce his War. It made both of us what we are. Take that away, and we're incomplete. Shadows wisps nothing.

That time was a passage a mad hellish tonic for our blood, and guts.

It made us the Saints we are today.

Stay Tuned.

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