Monday, September 22, 2014

"Bob the Bunny...still on the Job!"

Our hero...see posts of his adventures from July, and August to catch up. Ahem...our Hero Bob the Bunny (tm) continues his never ending vigil against the forces of evil, and boredom.

Bob is seen above about to polish off another jug of ice tea to fortify himself for his heroic duties.  After that he'll read his email talk to pals on the phone, and watch old episodes of the "Phil Silvers Show" on YouTube.

Then he'll take a nap.

He'll get around to fighting evil sometime later in the afternoon or evening or perhaps tomorrow.

Bob the Bunny seen above during his recent "research" junket to Vegas. He found the steaks at the Pope Pius the XII Casio to be delightful, and the carrots above average.

Other than a few shoot outs with the Posse Comitatus a possible abduction by them UFO saucer guys a Heroin binge, and several days of unprotected sex he said the trip was "uneventful".  

Stay Tuned.

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