Tuesday, September 30, 2014

"This sums up my last few Days."

Btw I'm 'still' alive. Details to follow.

It seems to be a swell combination of a toxic reaction to some meds they're stuffing me with. Some ongoing yuckiness in my assorted guts. Everything came together for a party, and that was it...lights out. My sister as usual saved my worthless butt again, and got me to the hospital.

 Notice my ride..."Senior Care". Swell guys let the whole world know I'm a sick old guy..thanks. 

Anyway I got to Bellevue...yeah 'that' Bellevue. There a team of 11, and 12 year old Doctors, and Nurses poked me everywhere..., and I mean "everywhere". I got nice IV's...love IV's. There's a short story in there somewhere.

 Also saw some prisoners from Dept of Corrections. 

They have a jail holding area for these poor bastards. I mentioned to one of the cops why they had to chain up this one really old guy...for Christs sakes it seemed too cruel. Cop said the old fella just stabbed two people. ?/!!!!!!. Good grief!

I kept fading in, and out Heard them kiddie Doctors discussing what the hell was wrong with me,...they weren't sure.


Then I fade out. I'd come back to with my sister's sweet face over me telling me about the Art Classes she had enrolled me in...out. 

Come to once more see the prisoners all chained up...thought it was a dream at first. 

Seems the guys over on Rikers,...the Emerald City's own Devil Island like killing each other to pass the time. Kids I'm tell'n ya you don't wanna go there. Nope not even on a day trip to feed the animals...don't go if what I saw of them scary rascals is anything to go by.

 I remember well the last time this happened. 

I faded out in the Newsroom of that station I foolishly gave decades of my stupid life to. Even the Manager the same bastard that kicked me out later seemed "somewhat" concerned. More in that he was afraid I'd barf all over the nice rugs. ...da jerk. 

What I remember from both these adventures are ceilings, and the sky. You're being rolled down hallways, and out on the street. Sky, and moving ceilings. There's a poem in there. or a short video.

Anyway reality came to me in small scoops.

Sort of like listening to radio stations while on the Interstate. One little teapot station fades out, and another just as crappy, but with a different underpaid announced or presenter for you folks in the Common Wealth fades in. 

Same dishonest commercials to get young guys to join the bleeping Marines though.  

I've got some new meds to cure what the old meds did to me. Sort of like giving the Native Folks cures for diseases they didn't have till we showed up.

Mostly I sleep.

More mayhem to follow when I get better. Anyway I'm a total ham as ya knows. So lets have some Sympathy comments fer Christ's Sakes. Com'on I 'know' that's what 6 or 7 of you folks out there. That or Clap like frigging Hell or Tinkerbell over here will kick da bucket!

I loves ya all! 

Stay Tuned. 

(...Sorry for the small font. I was too dizzy to bother changing it.)

Yeah pretty fucked up alright. Btw these are the 'nice' pictures. It got seriously disgusting after this, but I'm holding them pics off till my Memorial. 

I'm having giant 8 foot by 16 foot glosses of them awful things done for that show!

Yeah the last words heard at my party will be, "...HOLY FUCKING SHIT! 'You see that Fucked Up Action up there?!"

'Course I mean all this in a Nice way.

Right,....now you can bleeping Stay Tuned!


  1. Oh dear. Real sorry to hear about this Sidney. The good part is that you're alive. But to judge from the pix, it looks like it hurts. Clearly you haven't tried my strawberry chocolate dish yet or you'd be all better!

    I want you to get all well so you can go to London & to Paris & stalk Charlie. Then maybe you can swing by Moscow and chew out Putin for his anti-gay "anti-propaganda" law, which is explicitly designed to isolate queer youth. That or something like it is what Emma Goldman did when she got an interview with Lenin, so you oughta do just fine.


  2. Thank you my Dear Friend,...deranged posts to follow.

  3. Take care of yourself guy. You're an American original.

    Don't you wish they'd at least let the doctors finish puberty before they give them an MD degree???


  4. Med School admission must be around 6 these daze. They get to hang out their shingles at 11 now.

  5. "American Original",...humm. With that I imagine a portrait of me done by Norman Rockwell's ghost. Yeah me in my nutty digs drawing the swell sweet, and bleeping gleefully nekkid Angel Boys, and Magic Faeries.

    Thanks for the Honor my dear friend.

    Btw perhaps you can do me favor, and ask Sion Lisconnor if we can be friends again...I miss him. I'd hate to kick da bucket without mending that fence.